New Species of Fish in Hawaii named after Obama

Endemic species in the northwest Hawaiian Islands are named after US President Obama to honor his efforts in protecting the natural environment.
The scientists recently published official information about Tosanides obama, tropical fish species named after Obama, Earth today reported 22:12.

This name to express honor to the president after he decided to expand Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, northwest of the Hawaiian Islands.New Species of Fish in Hawaii named after Obama

“We are so named in recognition of his efforts in the protection and conservation of nature, including the expansion Papahanaumokuakea” Richard Pyle, scientists at the Bishop Museum, the study authors , said.

Members of the Agency for Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) to detect species in Papahanaumokuakea Tosanides obama. Small fish with pink and yellow, on the dorsal fin spotted males with red stripes blue stripe, yellow in the center.

“This round spots symbol evokes the election campaign of President Obama before. It is suitable for fish is named in honor of the President, “Pyle said.

According to Randall Kosaki, scientists at NOAA, the species is also special because it is endemic Papahanaumokuakea, ie it will not appear elsewhere in the world.

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