Simple Breathing Tricks to Achieve Incredible Orgasms

Thousands are the techniques that we can find in books and on the web. All of us promise to reach an exceptional orgasm and some of them are really useful. But, even if you are an expert in this subject, the truth is that many of these planned exercises usually interpose in the middle of the sexual act, hindering the natural flow of events.

In this sense, it is important to observe our breathing. Think of your encounters: how do you breathe in the moment before the climax? Deeply with your whole abdomen and lower part or do you take quick and superficial breaths? Believe it or not, the way we breathe while we make love can really change our experience.

We invite you then to learn some simple breathing tricks that can give you orgasms out of this world .

Holding your breath would not be advisable

According to sexologist Jessica O’Reilly , most of us tend to instinctively hold our breath, particularly in the moment before orgasm. This is mainly due to levels of excitement, but it can also be nerves. For example, some people hold their breath for fear of making noise and being heard by their children (or neighbors). O’Reilly also states that in those minutes we are so focused that we stop paying attention to the way we breathe. However, breathing in a shallow and shallow way (the typical panting) limits the amount of oxygen in our body, which could be counterproductive.

What to do, instead?

Maximizing our breathing during sex improves blood circulation, which is a key factor not only for the moment of orgasm, but to generate greater pleasure during the sexual act . According to O’Reilly, “circulation to the genital area is a natural consequence of the onset and development of orgasm.” The sexuality expert then recommends trying to “train” us to breathe deeply and, consequently, enhance our sexual experience.

No need for excessive concentration

If we seek to live an intense and full sexual experience, we should not put all our energy into thinking whether we are breathing well or not. Forcing an orgasm will generate the opposite effect to the one you want and it is likely that even the arrival of the climax will be impeded. In any case, it is about becoming aware of the breath so that we can let ourselves flow in it and that this allows us to fully experience ourselves and our partner.

Is it possible to practice it on our own?

Absolutely. One of the simplest ways to practice deep breathing is to carry it forward during masturbation. This experience offers the possibility of “rehearsing” this type of breathing and exploring new sensations. To achieve this, we have only to concentrate on bringing the air to the diaphragm (instead of carrying it to the chest) and prolong the inhalations and exhalations. It can also be useful to visualize the air that enters and expands in the region of the genitals.

If we seek to experience orgasms that involve our entire body and that generate truly wonderful sensations, we should take into account our way of breathing and do it consciously.

Remember, a slow and deep breathing during sex will give us a pleasant encounter and a deep connection with our partner. Anyway, it is in each one to experience it and maybe try a mid-point, a combination of deep and choppy breaths or simply go deep for more intensity.

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