Do You Know: Writing Emails Can Make You a More Productive Person

The vast majority dislike the idea of e-mails. It gives us laziness and we only answer those that come from our bosses or some other that interests us. The truth is that learning how to handle the art of post can positively impact our productivity.

The Art

The mail is one of the media that we use almost daily and practically for almost everything. It is for that reason that to underestimate its power and utility, can play against us. However, we can find a way to make it a powerful tool. How?

You can see your inbox as the information processing center. Every incoming mail, regardless of what it is, will help you determine what is the priority and what is not.

This, of course, will prompt you to create folders to sort what you receive. It establishes categories: work, school, offers, promotions. This organization will save you a significant amount of time.

A vital step also has to do with writing. Generally speaking, people do not read the information completely, so it is advisable to be concise with the message you want to send. Some experts recommend that the structure answer the questions: What and Why. That way, your emails will be a priority for others.

The Changes

The goal of these steps is to take an element of every day and transform it into a method that can make our tasks easier and faster to do. On the one hand, you will not lose important information and, at the same time, we will have time for other tasks.


Know How to Save the emails in PDF from the mail

With the number of emails we receive, many times we miss some important and we will have to consult several times, which makes it more comfortable to keep it apart.

If you have a Mac, there is a way to save an email in PDF format without using external applications, as we will do it directly from Mail.

Backs up PDF Mail

The process for saving any email message in PDF is very simple. Just open the Mail application and choose the e-mail you want to store on your computer.

Once found, select it and click on the File menu, choosing the option Print, do not worry that we will not put it on paper.

The print window opens and in the lower left corner, you will see a drop-down menu with several options. Choose Save as PDF. Click on Print and select a title and the place where you will store your mail, now in the form of a PDF file.

If you wish, you can add extra security by protecting your PDF document with the password. To do this, click on Security Options:

If you want to be asked for a password when you open it, check Request Password to open the document and enter the password.

If you want to avoid plagiarism, mark Request password to copy text, images, and other contents. If you do not want anyone to print it, ask for the password to print the document. You can use the same password for all three actions.

Editing the PDF Before Saving it

The emails bring a series of information in addition to the message itself. In case you want to delete those extra, we can edit the PDF before saving it finally.

Select the message, click Print, and in the lower left side, you select Open PDF in Preview.

We will see our email in the Preview application. Click on the icon of a pencil that is seen to the left side of the search box, thus the editing toolbar will be displayed.

Choose the rectangular selection tool, the second one from left to right and with the mouse select the entire area of the mail that you want to keep, leaving out what you want to delete.

Once you have made your selection, click on the trim icon, the first from left to right. You will be prompted to confirm the action, and the PDF document will only contain the selected area.

We are ready. To save, go to File / Export . Give it a name, choose where it will be saved and apply extra actions if you wish.

On Mac, you do not need extra tools, as you see the operating system brings what is necessary to perform any type of action.

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