5 Good Reasons to go to the Psychologist

5 good reasons to go to the psychologist

Let’s see together 5 good reasons to decide to go to a psychologist and invest in self-knowledge

Is going to the psychologist normal?

The title of the paragraph has a vaguely provocative tone and reflects the silent thought of many . “If you go to the psychologist, you’re not that normal.” This thought comes from a social context in which the normal has a smiling aspect, always happy, not turbulent, consumes, spends, reproduces, chats, works, stresses, reacts as expected. In short, it starts from an idea for which a “normal” exists and should be pursued.

Nothing more wrong. There is no “normal person”, there is no concept to refer to and an ideal to aspire to. We are made of experiences and some of these experiences mark us, hurt us, move us so many emotions and sometimes they break us, that is, they deconstruct us. No experience should be cursed but, just like when we have an injury on a physical level, when we feel that something inside remains damaged or that some mechanism is repeated in a dysfunctional way, then the psychologist becomes a good guide.necessary to get to know and transform, exactly as in the case of a rehabilitation from the physiotherapist. We tend to discriminate against this support because we live in a dimension in which appearance and physical appearance, the visible factors, matter in a relevant way.

5 Good Reasons to go to the Psychologist

There are many cases in which going to the psychologist means finding the courage to face conditions that do not make us feel good .

A mourning

First, if we have lost someone dear; mourning always represents a clean break , even more so if we have not had the opportunity to deal with death in a serious way. We need a psychologist to deal with the loss of enthusiasm, the experience of the physical loss of a person we loved and the associated consequences.

Relational problems

A psychologist is also useful when there are problems in the relationship or with relatives or colleagues, when we have been experiencing situations of emotional block for some time. Sometimes, when there are complex family arrangements, when a family member decides to follow a path, it indirectly helps the whole family system.

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Get out of abuse and addiction

Psychological support is also useful for getting out of substance abuse and addiction but also the internet, food, sex, gambling. These abuses represent forms of insecurity and attempts to find answers in substances, money or substitute acts.

Anxiety, stress, depression

When we feel that too much anxiety, depression, stress are accumulating , which worsen the quality of life. Even for uncontrolled manifestations of sadness or anger that are difficult to manage. In verbalizing our emotions we are also able to give a name, a meaning, a decisive strategy to feel safe and serene.

Insomnia and panic

If there are problems with insomnia , blood pressure and heart changes related to recurring thoughts and situations, panic attacks, digestive problems and problems in general with food, the so-called eating disorders. We know that everything that happens in the mind falls on the body and vice versa. Likewise, alterations in physiological rhythms are felt at the level of the body’s overall energy.

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How to find the courage to go to the psychologist?

First of all, start talking about it with friends and girlfriends that you know that go to the psychologist regularly and try to ask questions, remove worries, clarify practical aspects, remembering that your experience is still unique, once you decide to take the path. The choice of the psychologist remains a very, very important factor. You can get advice or rely on your intuition or ask for different opinions and try first sessions, leaving you time to dispose of and digest emotions and sensations. Finding the expert person compatible with you means feeling that you can open up, that you feel competence and lack of judgment.

Once you have identified the person who both gut and heart that you feel is for you on a mental level, dedicate to a second session and, since the moment with the psychologist has a limited duration, calmly identify the aspects you want to face in the moments that elapse between one session and the other.

Finding the courage to go to the psychologist means having the desire to develop one’s emotional intelligence and give our trust to someone in a total way, being able to show fundamental aspects. It means feeling ready to open up to new horizons and visions. Gradually you will begin to discover that to situations in which you have always reacted in the same way you can now react differently.

Naturally you will approach and distance people based on your transformation and you will begin to truly direct your desires towards what you want. You will see that you will also orient yourself better in your choices and decisions and the thoughts and judgments of others will influence you much less. Some acquaintances or family members may find you different and appreciate the change, others recognize you less and criticize the choice to rely on a professional. Always try to trust the process and trust your choice.

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Inevitably, when we want to change something, we start with our reactions. For example, if people have gotten used to your urge to entertain them, to be a histrionist, when you step inside, things could change and you may not want to make them laugh or have fun, but simply to be. Some may take this shift badly , having identified you as the group jester or jester. You continue on your way and keep the motivation of those you love and choose always, always. Try to communicate how you feel without sharing too much of the path , which remains a thing between you and your psychologist. Those who stay will always love you better and will also know aspects of themselves that they did not know.

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