How to Restore Yourself on Vacation

Restore Yourself on Vacation

Walks in the mountains for those who are jealous, the countryside for those who are stressed by work, and the sea for those with a sluggish metabolism

Of course, everyone has their own. Based on preferences, age, and desire to explore or rest, you can certainly choose the best place to “vacate”, in the best way. Research published in Tourist Management indicates that it is necessary to have a vacation twice in a year, In a Vacation one should not think only about fun but also about psychological well-being.

Experts report how being in new environments and living new experiences could provide cognitive and sensory stimuli and how physical exercise can link to an improvement in mental and psychological well-being. Without forgetting that the fresh air and the sun increase the levels of vitamin D and serotonin, with a consequent improvement in the state of health. In short: you can think of a sort of vacation that allows a real holistic experience from the point of view of health, perhaps also to evaluate the impact of a right vacation on chronic conditions. And once again, subject to personal preferences, let’s see what can help us in choosing a holiday.

Who needs the mountains, who needs the sea?

In short, traveling for well-being is possible. Planning the rest period on their own psychophysical characteristics. For those who do not live an ideal relationship with their partner and feel jealous, for example, long walks in the mountains with an adjoining picnic can facilitate the recovery of a satisfying life for two. On off-the-beaten-path paths there are excellent ways to relax, with the cool climate that can help “cool” bad thoughts, enjoying your partner’s blissful solitude.

On the physical front, a mountain is recommended for allergy sufferers, given that above two thousand meters the vast majority of “dangerous” plants in terms of pollen do not grow.

Still, to offer a little psychological advice, those who are tired of office life could choose to relax in the countryside, with excursions and physical activity, also indulge in hobbies that are finally “restful” for the psyche, which do not require spasmodic attention to mail and professional news.

The holiday is an opportunity to fully indulge in your hobbies, without the stress of the alarm clock or the call of computer bits. For those who believe in the effects of chromotherapy, there is an additional value. Living in the green, between woods and meadows, one can hope to “draw” relaxation also from the particular environmental chromatic condition. Because green is the relaxing color par excellence.

Finally, sun and sea at will, considering that the water-sea-sun cocktail can in fact help those suffering from menstrual problems and experiencing a difficult period in sexual understanding. The foam of the waves ensures iodine, the substance that makes the thyroid work better and therefore can activate the “sluggish” metabolism, ensuring a burst of energy. In addition, sun exposure can help those who are feeling down. Sunlight can in fact activate the production of serotonin, a substance that by facilitating the passage of the nervous signal between neurons improves psychological performance by removing the spectrum of depression.

Finally, a tip for singles who want to make the most of the 24 hours: if you have an anxious temperament you may need to overcome the unsustainable routine of everyday life, with the equally unmanageable search, almost always frustrated, for opportunities to go out. from the hustle and bustle. Be that as it may, this is just general advice. To each his own holiday, as long as it really allows you to recharge and leave your thoughts behind.

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