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6 Things You Do Every Day Which Will Ruin Your Future

The future is built or ruined in the present and there are harmful things we do daily almost without realizing it.

1. Procrastination

The procrastination or delay is basically “put off until tomorrow what you can do today” Experts say that procrastination is affecting both people who could be considered a disease. Even productive and successful people do not escape this evil, since, for example, postpone the search for a job that makes them happier.

2. Look back

Most of the time we go to the past in search of everything that went wrong, or at least not as well as we would have liked, thinking that if we had made other decisions everything would have been better. These trips in retro are not only useless, but also a constant source of torture. The time machine is still far from being invented.

3. Looking to the Distant Future

Looking to the future is an act of responsibility however, we should not leave light years today. Concerns about a very long-term future fill us with a counterproductive emotional load and there are too many things we can not control. So what’s left? Just go step by step and trust in ourselves.

4. Read too Much News

Being aware of everything that happens in the world is a very difficult burden to bear for the amount of time it absorbs and the anguish it generates. It is not a matter of living alone or uninformed, but rather of admitting that in the world too many things go beyond our control and that we can not be aware of all.

5. Live on the Smartphone

The smartphone is considered the technological breakthrough that most attacks against family and human relations . Parents talk less and less with their children, couples alter their love relationships and lose the warmth of personal communication . Equally, the power to perform almost without moving activities that previously required a minimum physical effort, has increased the rate of obesity worldwide .

6. Google Anything

In the past, looking for information was going to a library or even other people. These kinds of activities are recorded in our memory and are much harder to forget. Nowadays, having the assurance that everything is on Google makes our brains do not exercise knowing that the information is only in click away.

Do you feel affected by some of these things? Maybe it’s time to make a plan to control them.

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