5 Sexual Secrets that all Happy Couples Know

Sexual Secrets that all Happy Couples Know

A happy couple relationship is the conjunction of many important things. These form a structure that allows a couple to be balanced and healthy. One of these aspects is sex that, while not the most important thing in a relationship, is a key point for maintaining a healthy connection between two people. Happy couples know this very well, and these are the advice they have given us to achieve this happiness.

1. Quality is better than Quantity

When you are with someone for a long time, the number of sexual encounters is likely to decrease due to the obligations of daily life. The most important thing is that the sexual encounters they manage to have are good and satisfying. Do not stress too much if you do not manage to be home alone very often and concentrate on how often you can do it really is a moment of mutual pleasure and deep connection.

2. The Previous Game is very Important

Men are often the ones who leave this detail aside, but it really is more important than we think. Make sure that sex does not become repetitive nor a compulsory and boring custom through a previous creative game , starting even before they reach the room through text messages, forbidden photos, etc.

3. Orgasms are Important for Both

Sometimes we get carried away because for men it is easier to get an orgasm , and we do not worry about reaching the female orgasm . However, in a long-term relationship, it is extremely important to give priority to both orgasms. After all, the pursuit of this pleasure can take them to a higher level of intimacy , which is always favourable.

4. Sex is not the answer to Fights

Many couples believe that ” everything works out in bed “ or it happens that one party tells the other that there will not be sex because of a fight. The truth is that both arguments are wrong. Sex should not be a part of fights. You can participate in reconciliation, but not be used as punishment or miracle solution.

5. Spend Time Apart

The personal space is very important, just because it is not necessary for each individual, but because the couple begins to wonder, making the sex is better when you get home.

Although not the most vital of a relationship, sex is a fundamental part of life as a couple . Be sure to share unforgettable moments with that special person.

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