12 Signs to Know That You’re Smarter Than Average

Ability to solve mathematical problems, knowledge of history, and accumulation of information from reading books and study hours are factors commonly used to define a person with above-average IQ.

But a number of other apparently banal habits and signals may also indicate that an individual is highly intelligent, according to data gathered and analyzed by science. Check out some curious studies on the subject:

Check out some curious studies on the subject: Signs that you are smarter than most

1. You’d rather be alone at home going out regularly for parties or keeping a large group of friends.

2. Are you a man, and when you were born, your father was over 35 years old? Great chances of you having IQ above average.

3. You are the older brother of the family and therefore have above-average intelligence. This is suggested by a research from the University of Leipzig, older brother

4. You are an only child. A study by the Ministry of Education of China, the greater conviviality with adults and the attention almost exclusively received by the parents could explain the higher IQ.

5. You have given birth to a child. According to research from the University of Richmond, Virginia, having a baby makes a woman smarter.

6. You took music lessons during your childhood. According to scientific research, musical lessons improve communication and intelligence.Girl lessening music

7. Do you have the custom to curl up and delay getting out of bed when you wake up in the morning? Science says that the common characteristic of the “lazy” may indicate great intelligence.being lazy

8. You prefer cats to dogs as pets. The trend, says a study by Carroll University, USA, is that people who like felines more are also smarter.Pets

9. Do you speak a lot of swearing and even warn you about it? Do not worry: a study released by ScienceDirect revealed that smart people tend to be more “mouth dirty”.

10. The same study also showed that people who have above-average IQ have nocturnal habits, prefer to stay up late and are late

11. You are left-handed. Despite difficulties in adapting to everyday life, people who write with the left hand are often smarter than right-handers, according to several surveys.left-handed

12. You are grumpy. Although it has often been considered boring because of its characteristic, know that it may signal that you are smarter than most, at least according to a survey from the University of New South Wales in Australia.bad-tempered

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