5 Signs of Losing Interest in a Relationship with your Partner

Assuming that you have lost interest in your partner, especially after much longer time together can be very difficult. Recognize that you no longer feel the same as before you can generate feelings of guilt when in reality there is nothing wrong with that happening.

To naturalize it implies taking away the drama and do not feel bad for any kind of feeling. If you still have any doubts about what is happening to you, these signs may be subtle, but they have a clear meaning: Disinterest.

1. They do not communicate and it does not seem strange to you

You may not realize it because you are focused on other aspects of your life, but if you just cross a few words in the day and that does not catch your eye, something is not going very well. When you are interested, at least you are going to want to know what you did in the day.

2. You get angry easily

If you get angry lately for no apparent reason there might be something more in the background. When one does not want to recognize something, one often hides one feeling with another. One possibility is that you really annoy everything you do because you are no longer interested in maintaining the relationship, but you can not assume it.

3. You no longer write to him

When you no longer have an interest in a person, you no longer need to write to him to know how he is. Some people do not usually write to their partner, but if you did before and now do not you find it strange?

4. You do not see it in your future

Whenever you think about your future, you can not imagine next to him. But for a moment forget the future and stay in your present, think about how you feel day by day by your side, and there you will have the answer. Try to be honest with yourself! Who is not in your future, is not in your presence.

5. Doubts of what you feel

And here is the biggest confusion. Having no more interest, your feelings change, and if you do not want to accept that you no longer feel the same, you will get different names from what happens to you. You will create a confusion of feelings, just to not recognize that something really happens: you no longer feel love.

To recognize what happens to us means to accept it and, above all, to confront it. Sometimes we do not want to, but if we welcome that feeling we do not have to fear anything. We can love, stop loving and love again, and there is nothing wrong with that!

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