11 Signs to Know Person is in Love with you

Being in love is very good since it is known that everything changes. When we like someone, we do different things, we act differently and we perceive the world of another color. For example, Men and Women give these 11 signs that they are in love, look!

This is how people in love act…!!

1. They Think about that Person all the TimeThey Think about that Person all the Time

Did it ever happen to you that you found yourself thinking about that person several times a day? Sometimes we do not realize it but it turns out that we are thinking about him or her and our face is remarkable, you can tell by miles that we think about being loved!

2. They get Anxious when the Cell Phone RingsThey get Anxious when the Cell Phone Rings

Surely before you did not give as much importance to your phone and the check of messages as now that that person appeared in your life. Now all you have to do is ring the messages so you can run and look at the phone instantly.

3. They are Cool when they are TogetherThey are Cool when they are Together

Have you noticed that when you are next to him or her, you are more fun, playful, smiling and even funny than usual? Being next to who we like already makes everything better.

When we are in love, the change in mood is usually so marked that it is likely that even people who live with you wonder if you are in love.

4. They Spend the Week Thinking about What they are Going to do Over the WeekendThey Spend the Week Thinking about You

When we are interested in someone, obviously we are going to give the best of ourselves. That is why it is normal to be thinking all week about what to do with that special person on the weekend so that the departure is unique.

5. They Smile Every Time they Receive a Message or CallThey Smile Every Time they Receive a Message

Smiling only to see the name or photo of the other person on the cell phone, is one of the biggest signs of falling in love. Being happy just to know that the other person wants to communicate with you means that you love him. The same happens when you stay on the phone and smile out of nowhere.

6. It takes a lot Longer to Get Settled than UsualIt takes a lot Longer to Get Settled than Usual

Surely it took you five minutes to fix before. However, now this is not the case and you are very careful in choosing your wardrobe. This means that you want the other person to see you elegant and well presented then you can not deny that you are super-tired.

7. They Feel Strange if they see their Date Chatting with another PersonChatting with another Person

It is not about feeling absurd jealousy to the point of being sick, but rather feeling some discomfort when the other person talks to someone unknown or that is not you.

It is inevitable to be curious about who this person is, where he or she is from and why they were talking. It is not something abnormal and such jealousy is not bad but a sign that you are in love.

8. They Talk all the Time of the OtherThey Talk all the Time of the Other

If you identified with this point, it is a sign that you are in love. It is normal that in these cases the lover speaks of his partner with his family, his friends, his neighbors, his co-workers and with everyone who crosses them.

The best of all are those good things are always counted as being an educated, friendly, charming person that is, for the moment, it has no flaws.

9. They Prefer to do Everything in Pairs even if they have to Stay at HomeThey Prefer to do Everything in Pairs

When we are in love, we want to do absolutely everything with the person next to us. It does not matter what it is, but the exits and the things that are usually done one by one begin to be thought of as two.

10. They Praise the OtherThey Praise the Other

There is no lack of praise for the beloved when we are in love. In the end, nothing that the other does is boring or bad. Everything in him or her is beautiful, cool and fun. It is probable that you never see the defects and exalt the qualities too much.

11. Their Kisses are the Best in the WorldTheir Kisses are the Best in the World

Kisses, when we are in love, are better. Therefore, couples in love do not miss the opportunity to do so. If that happens to you, it is a clear sign that you are in love with your partner.

What do you think? Did you say yes to all these tips? So that means you ‘re in love . !! Congratulations!!

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