8 Common Factors that can Change the Size of your Breasts

The size of the breasts is a somewhat complex subject. Not because it is difficult to talk about it, but because each woman experiences multiple changes throughout her life that impact on this aspect of her body.

Some, for example, have gained size during adolescence and have not lost it during maturity. Others have lost weight and have seen their breasts shrink to half the size.

Fortunately, there are certain factors that affect changes in the breasts that can guide us to know the causes of these changes and to know more about our body .

1. Loss or gain of Weight

It used to be thought that foods with estrogen promoted changes in the size of the breasts. In fact, there is no particular food, not even a food group that determines the increase or decrease in the size of the breasts. Since the tissue of the breasts is made almost entirely of fat, the alterations due to the loss or gain of total weight.

2. The Exercise

Again the body fat plays an important role. If you increase the amount of physical activity is likely to decrease the amount of fat located in the breast area (a process that happens to athletes). Although there may be a decrease, it is important to clarify that exercise strengthens the muscles and tones the area of ​​the breasts which probably helps prevent them from falling .

3. Sex

The excitement that occurs during sex increases the heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, the breasts usually inflame without pain. Even some specialists claim that they can swell up to 25% their normal size . When the stimulation is over, the breasts will return to the usual size.

4. The use of Contraceptive Pills

Many women often experience fluid retention or temporary weight gain due to taking birth control pills which can trigger an increase in breast size .

5. Ovulation

A few days before and during ovulation, the levels of estrogen and progesterone change and produce a greater flow of blood to the breasts. This process can generate an increase in the size of the breasts.

6. Menstruation

Thanks to the hormonal changes , during the period it is also likely that the size of the breasts will change. They may feel a bit stiff or tense and sometimes they may even hurt a little.

7. Menopause

During this stage women experience an increase in fat but lose glandular tissue due to the decrease in estrogen levels. This usually causes a reduction in the size of the breasts.

8. The Cigarette

With less oxygen in the cells, the tissue of the whole body is usually modified. Among these changes, the breast tissue tends to loosen which produces changes in the appearance of the breasts.

The stages in the life of the woman are accompanied by hormonal changes that in turn produce changes in the size of the breasts .

In turn, there are factors that can affect your size temporarily (like sex) or more durable (like cigarettes). We hope you find these data useful and that they can help you when thinking about possible changes in the size of your breasts.

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