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SpaceX wants to put more than 4,000 Satellites into Orbit

The company SpaceX has offered the US government allowed thousands of satellites launched into orbit close to Earth. According to documents submitted to the US postal agency, SpaceX wants to put into orbit more than 4,000 near-Earth satellites, thereby forming a high-speed networks worldwide.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the first initiative in early 2015, a time when Google decided to invest in the company about $ 1 billion. Then Elon Musk has estimated that the project will take at least 5 years and cost around $ 10 billion.

To attract Google to join the project is not too difficult because the giants are interested in easy access of all people to the internet and satellite networks can impact positively on the performance that is the ambition.
However, not clear what the hidden purpose behind the creation of a new network. Perhaps this idea is part of a larger adventure boss Elon Musk? For example, the company Tesla will use this network to connect between all its electric vehicles worldwide run. Does the other provider network is used there? Only time can answer all these questions.

Could be behind all the things that are more ambitious plans. Last year, the CEO of SpaceX hinted this project could provide the basis for Mars internet service for residents and future on it.

It is clear that access to the internet will be one of the mandatory requirements of anyone who wants to go to Mars, despite how expensive trip.

The implementation of new projects of SpaceX will be conducted gradually. Geekwire portal initial statement that the company SpaceX plans to put into orbit the satellite fleet of 800 and then gradually increase the number too..!!

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