Spectrophilia: A Sex with Ghosts and The Women Who Love It

The idea of steamy hot sex between living human and supernatural beings has been around with a history that dates back centuries. Many cultures have myths involving spirits having sexual relations with humans, including Arabic, Greek, Hindu, and Celtic culture.

This is known as Spectrophilia. Do you have one?

Spectrophilia is sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from them.

Spectrophilia: A Ghost Sex and The Women Who Love It

Spectrophilia: A Ghost Sex and The Women Who Love It

During earlier times, mating of humans with otherworldly creatures is not that surprising. In Judeo-Christian faiths, they have an idea that Eve mated with a serpent to create Cain. Resulting in their conclusion that since Jews are the sons of Cain, and Cain was the product of a Serpent Seed, therefore the Jewish race is forever contaminated by evil.

In another peculiar Christian story, the Bible tells about a race of giants, as described in the books of Genesis and Ezekiel. They were the result of the coupling of the ‘son of gods’ and ‘daughters of men’. They are called ‘Nephilims’. The idea of ‘Gods’ changed to ‘devils’ as the time passed by. [Read More: Wearing Improper Bras Are Dangerous!]

Late 1400’s, when a strange German Catholic priest named Heinrich Kramer published a book called ‘Malleus Maleficarum (aka The Hammer of the Witches)’. It endorses extermination of witches. The recommended actions include torture to successfully obtain confessions and death penalty as the only sure remedy against evils of witchcraft. At that time, it was typical to burn heretics alive at the stake. [Read More: Healthy Advantages Of Sex]

According to Kramer’s guide to witchcraft, witches are produce by a woman being inseminated by an incubus. ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ gives an idea that women were usually the villains in incidences of witchcraft. By having weaker faith and strong sexual desire, Kramer reasoned, women were largely to blame for carnal sin.

On the other hand, Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale of India, a Clinical Hypnotherapist led a group called ‘The Spiritual Science Research Foundation’ to support those who have suffered ‘sexual assault by a ghost’. A usual ghost rape is described, and is illustrated by one of the group’s psychic artists: ‘A higher ghost is straddling a woman and transmitting his black energy on her. He is looking at her breasts with lustful eyes, fondling her, and raped her. [Read MoreHot & Sexy Kingfisher Calendar Girls 2017]

The illustration shows a naked male figure, covered in black cloud with the unconscious, female victim. A ring of red words that say ‘Om Hum Hanumate Namahaa’ surround the illustration on four sides to serve as protective border to counteract any harmful vibrations emitted by the drawings.

In modern day, there are incidences that imply spectrophilia is not just an imaginative phenomenon. The performer Ke$ha insists that her song ‘Supernatural’ is about her erotic experiences with a ghost. While the Paranormal Activity 2 actress Natasha Blasick claims she had sex with a spirit. She was home alone when she felt the ghost ‘push her down on her bed and force herself on top of her’. [Read More:Prediction Humans May Marry Robots Before By 2050]

Although, modern science explains that the phenomenon is a nasty side effect of ‘Sleep Paralysis’. “It is the state between sleep and wakefulness when you realize you can’t move. You get associated symptoms that can be very scary. You can also get hallucinations where you see dark shadows or monstrous figures, you can get auditory hallucinations or you can hear voices”, says Professor Christopher French.

But still, many people consider these encounters terrifyingly real…!!

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