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Stephen Hawking Says: “Someday Technology Will Wipe Out Humans”

Stephen Hawking warned that technology must be properly controlled to protect the future of mankind. The famous physicist, who once talked about the dangers of artificial intelligence, said that “a world-wide government” could be the only hope of mankind.

He also argues that human reasoning and logic is the only way to stop the growing danger of nuclear or biological warfare.

“Since the beginning of civilization, aggression has been helpful because it contains certain vital advantages,” he told The Times. 

But now, “Technology has grown at a pace where the This aggression can destroy us all by nuclear or biological warfare. We need to inherit this instinctive control with our reason and logic. ”

“All of this sounds a little shocking but I’m optimistic, and I think humanity will grow and be able to meet these challenges,” the physicist adds.

Recently, a professor at the University of Cambridge also said that rapid population growth, climate change and the risk of epidemics are some of the top threats to the Earth’s inhabitants.

“We are facing enormous environmental challenges: climate change, food shortages, over-population, the extinction of many species, disease, ocean acidification.”

To work together – It’s a reminder that we are in the most dangerous moment in the history of human development. Now we have the technology to destroy the planet but not yet. It’s probably in the next few hundred years that we will establish human colonies among the stars, but now we have only one planet, and we need to get rid of it, “he added. Work together to protect it.

Robots can "wipe out mankind" and leave Earth as our only hope.

Robots can “wipe out mankind” and leave Earth as our only hope.

” The well-known physicist of the world has warned that robots can wipe out humanity” and leave Earth as our only hope, and that the days of humanity on Earth Getting less and less.

“I believe that life on earth is increasingly at risk of being wiped out by natural disasters, nuclear war, genetically modified viruses, or other dangers,” he said. There is no future without going into space.

” Professor Hawking made similar comments earlier this year when appearing in a BBC video on Jan. 7. Asked how the world would end, Hawking said the risk was growing, and that most of the threats facing humanity stem from technological advances.

“We will not be able to create colonies that exist in space for at least another 100 years, so we have to be very cautious in this phase,” Hawking said.

Stephen William Hawking is a well-known British theoretical physicist, cosmologist and cosmologist. Stephen William Hawking, 74, has been honored several times for important scientific contributions, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, being a member of the Royal Society of Art and the Academy of Science. Hawking served as Professor of Lucas Mathematics at the University of Cambridge from 1979 to 2009 and is currently the Research Director at the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge.

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