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Stephen Hawking talks about Life after Death

Physicist Stephen Hawking’s famous someday believe that science will help to maintain the human brain even when the body is dead.

Physical Princes talk about life after Death

Stephen Hawking talks about Life after Death

Stephen Hawking talks about Life after Death

Stepen Hawking does not believe in God and the afterlife death, he conceived the afterlife a “fairy story for people afraid of the dark”.

Cambridge Film Festival of Britain, after the premiere of the documentary about his life, 71-year-old cosmologists believe that someday technology can help the human mind still works even when the body dead.

“I think the brain is like a computer program in the mind, so in theory we have the ability to copy the computer brain and keep it active, like life after death” , Redorbit quoted Hawking said.

Although according to the scientists, this is beyond the ability of current science and technology.

Stephen Hawking is one of the mathematicians and physicists the most influential in the world today and is known for his research on black holes celebrity universe. At age 21, he was diagnosed with the disease and neurological activity no longer than three years to live, his life is threatened constantly at any time.

“Throughout my life I have lived with the threat might die soon, so I hate wasting time,” Hawking shared Stepen.

He hopes the film about his life can be an inspiration, providing motivation to strive for many people around the world.

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