7 Texting Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Communication is the pillar in relationships. However, what happens when we introduce unhealthy habits when talking to our partner? It is perhaps time to change.

1. One Word AnswersOne Word Answers

It is understandable that we are busy and busy with the rhythm of life, but, let’s face it, responding with monosyllables can be interpreted as a gesture of unconcern and even of aggression.

2. Write when they are Together

Spending time with your partner should be a time when you both enjoy being together. However, a serious mistake is to be in front of the screen while you are with your partner.serious mistake is to be in front of the screen while you are with your partner

3. Be Constantly in TouchBe Constantly in Touch

Knowing that person constantly can also be counterproductive. The reason? It generates the feeling of not having enough space to be independent. Avoid excessive control.

4. Discuss Important Messages

Discuss Important Messages

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Not all conversations are banal, and some even have to be faced. If it does not happen this way, it is a clear sign that communication goes from bad to worse.

5. Overuse Sarcasm

One disadvantage of speaking by text is that we do not know exactly the tone of the conversation. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the measures of sarcasm. Otherwise, there will be some conflict.

6. Too many Typing Errors

Well, it was clear that it is possible to ignore the tone of the conversation by messages, but everything is complicated when there are misspellings or grammar because it is less likely to make us understand.

7. Correct Too Much

If typing errors represent a problem, correcting it is another level. It is okay to be careful with our words but making the other’s mistakes constantly make a gesture that can feel quite aggressive.

Recognizing these habits may help us in the future to communicate better with others and, above all, to avoid misunderstandings.

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