Tips for Freelancer Journalists and Photographers is one of the most important independent employment websites in the world with 23 million users and 11 million jobs published until the first week of May. This figure increases day by day.

Every day more than 8000 new works are published, in more than 950 categories, within which you can find categories related to communication, photography, and journalism.

Marketing representatives of Latin America, Explains the great demand of this sector. “Today, on this platform there are more than 350 openings in photography works, more than 1100 writing jobs, more than 1170 works for the writing of articles, among many other related categories. This shows the wide variety of jobs currently open to freelancers from around the world can apply.

If you create an account you must take into account the importance of the profile when it comes to obtaining projects, especially in the areas of communication, photography, and journalism. Here go few pieces of advice:

1. Get Profile ready.

Just as a person prepares the curriculum when looking for a job, the freelancer must pay special attention to his profile and portfolio. It is very important that it is complete and updated, that the portfolio is attractive and that it reflects the quality and professionalism of the user. It is the cover letter, your resume, and sales pitch, all at once. It is in this space where you can seduce and convince employers that they are the best option to do the job “,

2. Professionalism, Punctuality, and Communication are the Fundamental Pillars to succeed.

I think it is essential to set goals and schedules and adhere to them. We must work in a rigorous, methodical and responsible manner, and it is essential to be very communicative with the employer to avoid any type of conflict. The better the experience the employer has, the better the criticism will be, and so the reputation of freelancer will grow, and the better the reputation, the better opportunities to get new projects.

3. Basic Aspects.

  • Choose an area of competence, a niche that is unique and adds value to your profile.
  • Try to position yourself strongly in this area and avoid expanding in all segments. Remember that “the one that covers a lot of little squeezes”
  • Establish their own personal work standards, trying to stay ahead and thus beat their competitors.
  • Avoid making it look like your offer is too promising or too good to be true.
  • Do not be afraid to say “no” to projects that do not convince you.
  • They are not a candidate for everything. Be selective, do not hesitate to choose your customers.
  • Know your job: familiarize yourself with the current prices to avoid working for a lower cost than what corresponds.
  • Stay up to date, take courses within your area of competence.

What advantages does the platform offer for that industry?

The platform has many advantages. On the one hand, it allows professionals from all over the world to work for all types of companies of all sizes, from individuals or SMEs to large corporations and organizations such as NASA, who have published projects on several occasions. This diversity of employers, helps freelancers to enrich their portfolio and gain experience in the area in which they develop, while they earn an income, freely manage their schedules and work from where they want, for multiple contractors and not for a single employer under a dependency relationship.

On the other hand, hyper-specialization, hyper-connectivity to the Internet and the increasingly digitalized world make it necessary every day more people with specific knowledge of tasks related to technology. Content generators, digital marketing analysts, designers, and copywriters are among the most sought after today. The problem is that there are not so many qualified people to develop these areas, a subject that is not minor if one takes into account that human capital is the most important asset of a company.

The advancement of technology occurs much faster than it takes human resources to train, which produces a shortage in the market to develop the most technical jobs by real professionals. is a great tool for individuals, entrepreneurs, or companies looking for talent, since we have the largest freelancers community in the world, with more than 23.5 million users worldwide working in more than 950 categories. They range from software development or graphic design to more complex issues such as aerospace engineering.

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