Wearing Improper Bras are Dangerous!

What happens when you’re wearing the wrong bra size? There are some bad signs and side effects of not getting the correct bra fitting.

Bras will be used throughout the ages range from 10 until we get older. So, the bra properly is very important, we should choose the bra with soft materials and the right size. Wearing bras too tight or substandard will harm the health seriously.


If the bra you are using does not fit with the chest, the neck can cause pain. Tight bra strap will put pressure on the nerve. So when worn, notice loosen the strings a best possible way.

Experts also recommend not wearing bras 24/24. Grazing during sleep, or rather a lighter shirt will help your body comfortably and avoid the annoying back pain.
Affects the lymph system

A recent study has shown wear bras for hours can negatively affect the lymphatic system. The function of the lymphatic system will be affected causing the body to excrete toxins difficult outside. This is also one of the causes of breast cancer.

Affects the digestive system

Wearing bras too tight will affect the force on the diaphragm and the stomach, therefore, adversely affect the digestive system.


If you are wearing a bra is made of lace should be limited again. Continuous wear lace bras can cause friction, which leads to rashes, itchiness. Soft fabric, sweat should be a top priority.

When you use a low-quality bras, they may contain toxins inside. For example, the chemicals as fabric production, this will cause fungal infections of the skin.

Breast cancer

This is the most serious consequences when we wear the wrong bra ways. Thorax be coerced, uncomfortable as one of the possible causes of breast cancer.

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