7 Best Websites to Find your Perfect Partner to Date

Finding love is never easy, especially in times where socialization is done through the Internet. Likewise, Here goes technology can help us to find us a right partner.

Are you alone? Let the Prince or Blue Princess wait and use specially created sites to find your dream partner intelligently and with privacy.

We are going to recommend the 7 best places to find your perfect date.

The best known worldwide, helps you find that perfect person to go out and, who knows, find love.

By joining, we are asked to indicate certain things about our tastes, what we are looking for in a couple and of course, a photo., analyzing our data, will show us who meet our requirements and have things in common with us. Users can send private messages and, if they wish, make an appointment.

The site is free at first, but to use its more advanced options you have to pay a subscription.


If what you are looking for is someone compatible with you, eHarmony may be your best option, since this dating site, very cupid style, looks for you to those who could become your better half.

When you register, you have to answer a questionnaire and, through a patented system under the name of eHarmony Compatibility Matching System, see those users with whom you could have a good connection.

Other users that can be compatible with you, will also be able to see your profile and, unlike other dating sites, eHarmony is dedicated to those who are looking for a partner and not just a fun time.

You can use eHarmony for a trial period and, to continue, pay a subscription.

Beautiful People

In the world there are people who stand out for their beauty and, there is a dating site designed only for those who could pass for models. It’s about Beautiful People.

To access Beautiful People, it is necessary to fill out a small form and, of course, send a photo. The moderators of this service decide if you are beautiful enough for their standards.

If you are good looking and you are looking for an equally beautiful couple, Beautiful People is for you.


An option for those who want to find people who are close and from their mobile. Tinder is a free application dedicated to dating.

Once you sign up and upload a photo, Tinder will show you to those users who are geographically close to you. If you like someone, mark it with a heart and, if it does not seem interesting, move on to the next one.

You can send a personal message to those you find attractive and, who knows, end in a pleasant appointment, the total is close. Tinder, it’s free.

Plenty of Fish

Each sheep has a partner and in Plenty of Fish, you can find interesting people and which you would like to know more about.

When it comes to showing potential partners or appointments, Plenty of Fish uses a system that predicts chemistry.

Also, users can indicate what they are looking for; from a casual encounter to a relationship and even to form a family.

Plenty of Fish is completely free and does not charge a subscription after the first few months.

My Single Friend

Before, it was common for our friends to introduce us to someone who might be interesting to us and, My Single Friend, is aimed just at whom they are looking for a partner for their friend.

Here, the description of each person is filled by a friend, removing that fear that some have to date sites.

The interesting thing is that the description can have a maximum of 500 words. My Single Friend charges a monthly subscription.


A relationship in which the same tastes are shared has a greater chance of being successful. If music is your thing, Tastebuds is the ideal place to find a perfect date.

Whoever signs up should indicate what their musical tastes are and Tastebuds will introduce people who share their taste for certain styles or bands. Sharing an interest is ideal to break the ice on the first date.

Tastebuds charges a monthly subscription.

Do not be ashamed to look for appointments online, since the network has become the new place of socialization. Keep an open mind and find interesting people without leaving your desk. The rest is your charm.

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