What is good for the heart? 5 tips to keep your heart healthy and arteries clean

What is good for the heart

5 tips to keep the heart healthy and arteries clean, promoting circulation in an adequate and effective way

The importance of healthy blood circulation

We have to imagine the blood path as a way of discarding and recovering oxygen; the role of circulation is to release vital substances into the body and to remove waste products, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. The blood then returns to the heart and this circulation continues and makes organs and systems vital. When blood circulation is not functioning well, various manifestations can occur such as numbness of the hands and feet with a tingling sensation; the circulation in this case fails to reach the extremities.

Even the temperature of the lower limbs, which always remains low, could reveal a circulatory obstacle. A bad blood return also manifests itself in swelling of the feet, ankles and legs. Poor circulation can lead to an accumulation of fluids up to the so-called edema. For example, if we go to press on the edema we have a different color of the tissue and sometimes a sense of pain. When there are multiple these signals we could be facing a potential heart failure or the heart is not able to pump enough blood and distribute it throughout the body.

It is better to always avoid clothes and jewelry that are too tight and maintain a diet that allows to leave the blood clean and well fluid; the fundamental factor of hydration is also obvious in order to keep the tissues elastic. Poor blood circulation can also cause brain activity dysfunction, leading to lack of concentration, loss of focus and attention. Digestive, hormonal, joint problems, forms of fatigue and exhaustion are other conditions all associated with circulation problems. The state of circulation is always linked to the presence of sugar in the blood and in severe forms we speak of diabetes mellitus, forms of diabetic neuropathy, formation of blood clots. Overweight and smoking do not help in any way an obstructed and fatigued blood circulation.

5 things that are good for the heart

Let’s see together 5 things that are good for the heart and they are both practical actions and openings at a creative level or communication with oneself / and with others:

Fiber and Omega-3

To help circulation we should choose a diet rich in fiber , with regular consumption of whole grains. If you want to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, you should avoid excess sugar and consumption of saturated fats, instead favoring the intake of Omega-3 . You should try to consume as little as possible foods that are fried or very, very cooked or salty, preferring the consumption of green leafy vegetables and choosing to eat meals that are not too abundant and not too late in the evening.

Open up the creative spirit

Each of us is able to give energy to the flow of events, without forcing or holding back, going to receive the productive force of the talents that each of us has. If we listen honestly, we can also connect with the pure form of our creative spirit . You may decide to draw, write, explore. To give vent to the creative spirit you should not force the commitments and chores to be carried out but you must always try to keep a space for yourself. Only by finding the time to get involved on the creative side can you give your best.

Speak openly

If you can speak openly about what you need, if you give space to clear forms of communication , then the whole body is lightened and you give life to new situations or in any case face differently even harsh conditions. Having the strength to reopen your heart means being at the opening of life and finding the strength to give and receive clarity. When our relationships are clear and harmonious, the heart is fine both energetically and physically. Of course, if we don’t get the same attention and care on the other side, we need to be able to walk away or speak clearly.


This is the quintessential form of bilateral movement. Both hemispheres work and the push of the foot helps the return of the blood and also that of the lymphatic circulation. If you make good use of the entire roll of the foot, the posture changes and the chest becomes open, soft, alive. Walking with the awareness of doing it for yourself allows you to silence too many thoughts and becomes a real therapeutic action. The heart works at the right pace and if we choose to walk in nature, the lungs also benefit.


Silence is good for the brain but also for the mind as we connect with our heart when we are in silence. Often talking means giving oneself versions that are always the same and that require confirmation that are often fictitious. You can open determination and planning in silence, feeling absolutely on axis with your heart. Sometimes speaking means making noise and not connecting with the strength it takes to heal compromised situations. Silence also allows us to feel if we are doing too much, if we are giving but not receiving, which relationships make our hearts happy and which ones crush us.

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