How to understand what you really want

How to understand what you really want

How to understand what you really want and do your best to achieve it by making sacrifices, when necessary, with joy and enthusiasm

How to understand what you really want: 5 foolproof tricks

Very often you want to achieve something but you don’t know what. Let’s see together 5 foolproof tricks to understand what you really want and how to effectively approach the version of yourself that you want to embody through the definition of goals:

Review of the past

Very useful for letting go of everything that holds us back and absolutely wonderful as an exercise to boost your self-esteem . In doing this exercise you understand what you have for yourself, how to fulfill yourself as an individual, what you can give, what you want to achieve. It serves as much for the couple as it is for the job. We attract who we are and if you put yourself in a position to analyze what you have given so far and how, you can move calmly towards the future.

Evaluate the value you give yourself

If you have enough courage to let go of grudges, fears, obstacles and if you accept everything that happens as a teaching, you can prepare yourself to face even parts of you that are truly uncomfortable and difficult and consequently give yourself a value. It seems absurd, that precisely through what makes us fragile and makes us understand where our weak points are, we end up truly loving each other . When you value yourself, you always understand better what you really want and – most importantly – you don’t level yourself on anything lower than your value.

Spend time in silence

When you spend time in silence you can truly realize what your inner voice is saying . It is a form of deep contact. Make sure you are not bothered by anyone. You can focus on your breath, take slow, deep breaths to make contact. At first don’t think about anything, just focus on your breathing which instantly leads you to relax your whole body. Review the small muscles near the eyes, the facial muscles, the neck muscles. Slowly bring this relaxationto the whole body and pushes thoughts away. Enter a state of stillness as only in relaxation can the goals be visualized. Maybe someone has rarely told you that this is the way things are: if you are in tension, thoughts increase or go away less quickly. On the other hand, when you reach the state of relaxation that is better than your present, the goals are visualized better and in a profound and effective way.

Stay in nature

When you are in nature the ideas become clearand also the intentions. You are able, step by step, to clear your thoughts and tune into your inner voice. Being in nature you reduce both stress and frustration and all those mechanisms of anxious reactions that do not allow you to cognitive abilities, such as attention and creativity, making us more productive and able to solve problems immediately and effectively. Sometimes, detaching ourselves from the condition of despair or restlessness, we are able to look at the objectives from the right distance and not be overwhelmed by the idea that they are moving away from us. Being in nature allows you in a certain sense to detach yourself from the expectations of others and also from your own expectations, going to win a sense of internal cleanliness that pays off in the short, medium and long term.

Talk to people who value themselves

When you compare yourself with people who value and set themselves goals, you immediately have models that you can inspire yourself and that show you what it means to truly embody desires and ambitions. You will rarely see these people exaggerate or complain. They may seem like silent and curious people. Those who have goals don’t waste time chatting or demonstrating. Make the most of your time with those who make the most of their time. You will learn a lot and you will begin to attract people like you who will bring you closer to the version of yourself that you want to embody.

Attract what you want

To attract what you want you have to observe who you want to be . As if you were to create a version of yourself that allows you to be whoever you want. You really have to embody the version of yourself that you feel you want to create. Try to do it effortlessly and with a real available, close to you. Feel what you want as if in a real parallel you have it. You can imagine yourself as someone real in your version who made the real of your dreams come true.

In the hours and weeks that follow, try to stay true to the version of you that you prefer and that you have materialized. Remove yourself from the condition of those who wait for future times; you have declared that what you want exists and who you want to be you are. When lack comes, when guilt, fear, discomfort arrives, try to recall a bodily perception of pleasure as real. The brain tunes in to that pleasure and does not go to give weight to what is happening around us and still contrasts with the old version of you. You can do this exercise in the present for any area, be it work, love, friendship, relationship with colleagues. When you don’t need to wait for something, you get it.

In other words, to attract who you want and what you want you have to imagine yourself in the version of you who has the person at your side and who lives the work the way he wants. This means eliminating any limiting beliefs about yourself and becoming truly firm in your intentions. Every obstacle you end up seeing as a challenge, you talk less, you complain less and you surround yourself with what you want. The level of self-esteem changes and the feeling of peace increases.

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