How to Protect your Phone from New WhatsApp Feature Viruses

The mobile application WhatsApp has a new feature, which can be both useful and potentially dangerous, reports The Independent . If you are an application user, you can now send files with up to 100MB through it. Until recently, there was only the possibility of sending PDF documents.

This innovation is more than convenient to use, however, it can put the protection of your phone in jeopardy, because through it, cyber criminals can send malicious files. It takes only a second to distract and download an unknown file that may affect the software of your phone, and you will lose confidential information.
Since the application allows you to transfer files from different subscribers, and not just from your list of contacts, such cyber attacks can become quite real.whatsapp virus message

If you received a questionable message from a user that you do not know, you can block it in the application and it will not be able to write to you anymore. You can also complain about it by marking the message as spam.
If you still opened a suspicious file, and it turned out to be an infected virus, immediately check it with an antivirus to neutralize the possible damage. New functions of the application also include attaching important dialogs at the top of the list to have quick access to important contacts for you.

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