Why do Men like it so Much “Do it from Behind”?

Our grandmothers would have been horrified, but today reality is different. In terms of intimate relationships, there is a greater willingness on the part of people to incorporate verbal expressions and practice new positions compared to several decades ago.

Nowadays, 25% of heterosexual couples have anal intercourse frequently , when before it was a practice that was considered exclusive of people with homosexual orientation.

We certainly do not live in the world of our grandmothers, and women know that men love doing it from the back . You know why? Discover it right now!

Men who enjoy doing it from behind

The anal sex is very pleasurable to men because they have to penetrate his cock a tight and limited space , which leads them to feel differently . But this is not the only reason why they like to do it from behind.

Doing it from behind generates a state of “doing the forbidden” , something that affects the psychological level, and that is why men enjoy it more, especially when a man opens in anal sex.

In addition, penetration from behind gives men a sense of power over women , as they have absolute control of the situation. This is another reason why they are fascinated.

On the other hand, it is not a novelty that men love to look at women’s butts, and in doing so, some imagine the pleasure they would feel when penetrating, charging their mind with a thousand and one dreams of what it would be like to enter from behind, touch and even whipping affectionately.

Women also like it

The confession of many women leads us to say that not only men feel pleasure with this practice, also women . The key to this is the softness and care of men to penetrate, as well as the desire of women to experience anal sex .

Giving her back to a man holds for many women psychological pleasure , because for them too it is something that borders on the forbidden. And somehow, by agreeing to have sex with anal penetration, women show their partners that they trust fully in the actions they will take so that they also get maximum pleasure.

Beyond the reasons that men and women may have, the most important thing when it comes to intimate is to respect the other . If both agree and are willing to try new positions, games, places … having relationships will be an experience to enjoy.

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