Women have Smaller Brains than Men do you know Why?

Women have smaller brains than men is because women’s hormonal effects of estrogen in the process of human evolution …..!! Why do women have smaller brains than men?

Women have smaller brains than men is because women’s hormonal effects of estrogen in the process of human evolution. A team from the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences said the gender dimorphism in brain size is a common feature is common among primates. It was discovered in humans, apes and monkeys some others. Features that males have bigger brains children. Research by scientists from the University of Cambridge, UK carried out in 2014, discovered the brain of males average 13% larger than females. The cause of this phenomenon that puzzled scientists for years. In the latest research report published in the journal BMC Biology Evolutinary in June, Chinese researchers examined the impact of female hormone estrogen (estradiol) and 7 genes involved in the formation of human brain size and other primates such as chimpanzees, rhesus monkeys. The results showed that 4 of these genes have been linked with estrogen hormones. Estrogen significantly inhibited the expression of genes affected 4, relating to the formation of brain size.

“We have demonstrated Estrogenic activity regulator of gene regulation 4 brain size. This inhibitory effect creates the difference in brain size males and females in humans and primates are not people. Sex hormones play an important role in the evolution of primate brains “,

Ibtimes quoted study author. The authors said that the process of natural selection is more likely to cause brain size smaller for women than men. “The difference in social roles of men and women leads to different selective pressure during evolution.

 The main culprit causing the shorter-lived men than women?

Around the world, women generally live longer than men. A study of the global data scientists from the University of Southern California (USA) discovered that heart disease is the cause of most of the earlier deaths were recorded in adult men St.

Composition of tears depends on the cause of crying?
Although the appearance looks exactly the same, but the tears begin in different situations, such as when grief or eat chili or operating status, have very different structures. Scientifically, the tears are divided into 3 different types, based on their origin: the basic type is secreted continuously to maintain the state of lubrication to the eye; reflective type is secreted in response to the irritation factor, such as the status of, or are struck in the eye; and finally the kind of spirit, which arises from the emotions. Scientists have discovered that different types of tears made of different molecules. For example, the tears rooted emotions contain hormones act as analgesics and are released when the owner stressed. As the tears condensed into salt so they look very different when crystallized and observed under a microscope. Their structure is mostly crystalline salt, with different shapes due to the context of formation and dry.

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