Know The Science behind Women’s Sexual Pleasure

In the past theories such as Freud’s claimed that clitoral orgasms were childish and indicative of failure to mature properly. Even after dividing the atom and enjoying 20 years of penicillin, the fact of recognizing that existence of the clitoris in the medical literature was considered immoral. Fortunately, this is changing.

In a study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy entitled “The sexual experience of women with genital tact, sexual pleasure and orgasm: results of a probability sample of women aged 18 to 94 years”, researchers Indian University asked the question of What makes you feel pleasure?

Specifically, the team examined the role of the clitoris during climax and intercourse, while asking women how and where they liked to touch their genitals. We must take into account that of the 1,055 respondents who completed the anonymous survey on the Internet, most of them were identified as heterosexual and 95% of their reported relationships were with men. That is, what you are about to read is mostly women’s responses, although much of the study focuses solely on what causes pleasure.

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Genital tact preferences were categorized by four dimensions: location of the touch, amount of pressure that was used, shape or style of movement, and patterns made. And although there was a gloriously wide range of diversity when it came to what women liked, there were also some general trends. Most women preferred light to medium pressure, either directly on the clitoris or in the immediate area. Regarding the “form” of touch, upward and downward, circular and side-to-side movements were popular choices, but many other nice touch modes were reported, such as pressing, flicking, touching and “pushing”.  

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There was also a considerable variation in patterns that women liked, with 13 of the 15 different options described by the majority of women. These movements included: touching a rhythmic movement (which was enjoyed by 81.7% of women surveyed), a movement surrounding the clitoris (78.3%), switching between different patterns (76.0%), switching between Intense and less intense movements (75.8%), and make the pleasure last longer by slowing down and not shooting directly for the fastest route to orgasm (73.6%).

Other things that improved the quality of orgasm? Spending time in accumulation, having a partner who knows what they like, increased emotional intimacy, and not feel rushed. On the other hand less than one in five women reported that “sex that lasts a long time” leads to better orgasms.

How about the role of the clitoris during penetrative intercourse? Only 18.4% of women reported that intercourse alone was enough to bring them to orgasm. On the other hand, nearly three-quarters of women reported that adding clitoral stimulation to penetration was necessary for orgasm or made their orgasms feel better.

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