Your Zodiac Sign reveals what you are expecting from your Partner

We already know that we do not have to expect anything from the other, nor have expectations. But while we know, sometimes without realising we are expecting something from our partner : laughter, love, inspiration. And it seems our sign of the zodiac reveals what we want from our love.

  1. Aries – Let you hear nothing else!
  2. Taurus – To support you unconditionally is all you desire.
  3. Gemini – Make you cry & laugh!
  4. Cancer – Let her worry about you (and prove it).
  5. Leo – To give you true love, was there any doubt?
  6. Virgo – Let him show commitment to everything.
  7. Libra – That you listen and understand, what else to ask?
  8. Scorpio – May it inspire you, that’s all you hope for.
  9. Sagittarius – Have fun with you.
  10. Capricorn – Let him accept you as he is and do not want to change you.
  11. Aquarius – Do not let it go so easily.
  12. Pisces – Encourage and encourage you beyond everything.

I’m from Libra and I felt identified because I love to hear and understand me. Did your sign also reveal to you what you expect from your partner?

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