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10 Most Amazing Inventions in 2016 to make Life better for Women

Let’s review the 10 most amazing inventions in 2016 to make life better for women.

1. Fashion: MM.Lafleur

MM.Lafleur is a startup is designed specifically for women who hate shopping. Sarah Lafleur – a co-founder along with Nakamura and Narie Foster Miyako and CEO of MM.Lafleur have no idea about the company when she was 20 years old. For her, shopping is boring and it takes up almost the entire little spare time she has.

When MM.Lafleur was founded in 2013, Lafleur has created system “Bento Box” – a tool that women just fill hobby, its size and shape, the system will immediately send it to a box of clothes they were carefully selected by a stylist. Then they will pay for the item they want to retain and return items through the system they do not like online shopping or can request a box of other clothes.

Miyako Nakamura, co-founder and creative director of MM, has designed the clothes of simple basis that every professional woman needs such as pencil skirts, sweatshirts, silk …

2. Supplied Accessories: Bellabeat

Bellabeat is a biological monitoring device is designed carefully so that you can wear all the time. It was a pendant in the shape of a leaf, is made from a lightweight material with metal gray tones and bass. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or a forceps.

Bellabeat very hard and water resistant, it looks like an everyday jewelry for women. It is small enough for a woman can be clamped into the pajamas or underwear to track your sleep.

The technology behind this device is quite impressive. Bellabeat can synthesize all the information together and predict your stress levels at any given time. This app also comes some meditation exercises, so if you do not have time to go out to breathe fresh air, you can do breathing exercises for a few minutes to regain her composure.
3. Technology: Vacuum milk Naya

Breastfeeding is a form of intimacy between mother and infant. But with the new mothers and can not always by my side, the use of the vacuum milk is a necessity, but also very annoying. This equipment is very heavy, noisy and many parts need to be cleaned after each use. But in the past 2 years, Naya has innovation in pump technology.
Naya milk suction device small and convenient to carry than other milk vacuum. This technology has not been tested but the founders explained that instead of using vacuum technology to suck milk, they used a water-based technologies for milking. Also this device also helps to massage to help stimulate breast milk, and to be more effective than pump machines are competitive in the market.
4. Technology “on the red light”: Thinx

For centuries, the menstrual cycle of women is still an embarrassing topic. It must be recognized that many women would be embarrassed to have unsightly adhesive bloodstains on pants or skirts. Therefore, Agrawal, co-founder of Thinx decided to resolve the shame of women to menstrual.

Her first step is to create high-tech underwear makes women less trouble to periodically with antibacterial fabric. In 2017, the company will release the other clothing items featuring exclusive fabric technology as well as the use of silicon can be re-used for organic cotton tampons.
Wear underwear brand Knix use technology to create the perfect fit panties sports bra and wireless brand. Clue also be set up as an important tool to help 5 million women from over 190 countries assured when the menstrual cycle and reproductive health protection.

5. Online Communities: Pantsuit Nation

November 8, millions of women across America to vote for the first female candidates ran for President. Pantsuit is the choice attire during Hillary Clinton’s career. On social media, a lot of women have posted their photos with the hashtag #PantsuitNation.
Pantsuit Nation has become a movement on Facebook. Libby Chamberlain, 33, has created 3 weeks ago group pantsuit Nation elections and efforts to express her support for Clinton. Clinton also said about this group and one day before the election, she wrote a message to 2.5 million people in the group that “I want all of them will come and your voice is respected “.
6. Beauty: Beautycounter

Beautycounter has created a separate list of chemicals never used in their products. This year, the company came up with mascara – products especially challenging without the harsh chemicals harmful.
In this summer, brought 100 products Beautycounter its representatives to Capitol Hill to lobby the government managed the beauty products. The company also bought Nude – a brand purely natural beauty was established in the UK by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson is.

Glossier, a brand emerged from a popular blog Into the Gloss is, is an important addition in the field of beauty, to create products that are not picky help women makeup in the morning easy and faster. Ever, skin care brands Stella & Dot initiated by, has developed a line of all-natural products with ingredients derived from magnolia trees help fight aging, lighten and soften the skin.

7. Health Care: Maven Clinic

Some women will have to see the gynecologist but not always appropriate, particularly issues related to hormonal and nutrient. That is why the Maven Clinic, a telecommunications company health for women was founded by former journalist Katherine Ryder, was born.

The company works with hundreds of vendors inside and outside the traditional health system, including lactation consultants, midwives, family physicians, obstetricians, and animal therapist justice – all these people would take advantage of his ability to cater to female patients ..

8. Sex and Sexual Health: Foria

Many of the women we talked passionately tells the Foria Relief, a cannabis-based vaginal and cocoa butter for the vagina to help women solve problems menstrual cramps health and gender issues other. Pleasure comes with Foria is a product for the purpose of increasing sexual pleasure through aerosol lubricant. Foria has won a lot of praise from users and sold very well in areas such as Colorado and California.

Make Love Not Porn (make love not porn) is the brainchild of Cindy Gallop, a former advertising consultant and sex educator. She believes that pornography has negative effects when these young men think about sex. Gallop has had a website for people who really want to share their sexual problems. Nuelle is also developing a product called Fiera enhance familiarity with the struggle for women’s sexual awakening.
9. Friendship: Vina

Olivia Poole June for Vina idea – a practical application of the “spark” for friendship between the women. Women can register their applications and answer questions about lifestyle and their habits in order to ensure that applications can connect them with the people you share their interests.
Also this year, the application features Bumble announces a “BFF” (Best Friend Forever) for those looking for romantic friends, platonic, or same-sex relationships.

10. Occupation: Landit

Landit startup dubbed a “LinkedIn for women” is designed to help women create disruptive change their career.

This website focuses on the time of deadlock in the work of women, such as when they have stress with the boss or colleagues, when the pressure between work and family care. With Landit, women Feel free to share professional experiences and skills in conflict resolution.