2020 Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign : Who gets Married, Ends or Falls in Love

How you doing in love? Walking at a snail’s pace, wrong, like a charm? If there is a sector of life that is really dynamic, that is love.

And as the end of the year approaches, resolutions for the next and hopes for relationships begin to appear.

For those who want to know what love holds for them, the astrology of 2020 promises many changes in the romantic realm.

Some signs will be willing to meet new loves, to review how the relationship is going or even to stay in the area of ​​flirting.


Forecasts for love in 2020

Brazilian astrologer Virginia Gaia shares the 2020 predictions related to love, for each zodiac sign.



Next year will be taken with a touch of seriousness by the Arians, who will want to build a future with their partner.

Therefore, for people of this sign who are in a relationship, this is the time to determine if the thing is moving towards something more solid, such as a marriage.


If you are single, this is the time to meet someone to have a more serious relationship. Astrologer Virginia explains:

It is an all or nothing circumstance. It is not the time for jokes.



There will be a lot of romance for bullfighting during 2020. However, one of the requirements for those born in Taurus to immerse themselves in love is that their partners have something to add to them, such as knowledge or wisdom for life.


It is possible that bullfighters meet new loves in travel and academic environments. For those who are already in a relationship, this year is to discover if it has something else to offer in terms of exchanges and lessons for life.



Those born under the sign of Gemini will have a year of transformation in 2020. They can live radical turns in their lives, which they should take advantage of to observe how their relationships are going, since there is a desire to build a solid future in this sector.

It will not be uncommon to see Geminian singles place high hopes on their new adventures in love. However, they must be careful.


Those in a relationship can also create expectations. But in his case, on the idealization of the future of the couple. It is best to act with caution.



The new year will be extremely important for relationships in the lives of Cancer, since they will be in a somewhat radical climate, according to Virginia.

That means that relationships that have no potential to function will be quickly discarded. On the other hand, relationships that are well tuned are likely to work. The astronomer ensures:


This year is decisive. It is a phase of structuring things, so it is better not to insist on relationships that feel forced. Relationships that don’t work or don’t have long-term prospects can collapse.



Since a lot of time will be devoted to his work in 2020, Leo’s sentimental life will have to offer freedom and time for him to face all facets of life.

Therefore, the natives of this sign who get involved in relationships will have to show extra patience with their partner, especially with the most lacking.


The trick for the year to flow well in love, is to separate a moment from life to meet new people or dedicate to your partner, while still facing your tasks. That is to say: the secret is in managing time.



For Virgo, 2020 reserves a good climate for flirting. The year will be conducive to attending social events, meeting new people and practicing activities that make you feel good.

If the person is in a relationship and the couple’s attunement is not going well, most likely there is a separation.


For Virgo singles, the chemistry between the potential partner will also be essential for a possible relationship to bear fruit.



Being in a strong family climate throughout 2020, Libra will have its love life impacted in this regard during the year. Singles who start a relationship will soon want to introduce their new partner to their family.


Those who are already in a relationship will feel the need to assess whether the person next to them is really the ideal life partner.



Scorpions will be looking for companies to exchange ideas, whether single or engaged.

According to Virginia, those who start the year in a relationship will live a very romantic climate. However, the couple must integrate into social events and share experiences.


Singles, for their part, will want to live new romances and feel loved. So nothing better than going to more events to meet different people.



It is natural that those born in Sagittarius are adventurous. However, its main feature will be somewhat affected in 2020.

It is not that they will lose this typical feature, but next year the Sagittarians will be more homely.


Those engaged, for example, will want to enjoy many events as a couple, such as watching movies at home; but singles are not going to miss the opportunity to meet someone and then take her home.



Those of the Capricorn sign will live a decisive year in love in 2020. It is not typical of them to waste time with people who are not worth it.

So those in a safe relationship will put it to the test, and those who are single will want to know if the romance is serious or not. The astrologer indicates:


In 2020, it will be all or nothing. The structure of the relationship will definitely be shaken.



With skin-deep intuition, Aquarius will be more sensitive in their love life and will be focused on self-care.

However, caution must be taken: being very self-centered and with maximum sensitivity, Aquarians can give little attention to their partner’s needs and can also get too jealous, which is not healthy for relationships.


On the other hand, self-care in love will be good for singles to evaluate the patterns of relationships they have maintained, and for the engaged to analyze whether the relationship is good or not.



Finally, Pisces will be very sociable and communicative next year. This favors that single people meet a new love, which can even come from their group of friends.


For those in a relationship, the advice is for the couple to start circulating more through different social groups.

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