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5 Thought Experiment Revolutionary Physics of Einstein

Experiment riding on a beam of light, or paradox twins are two of five thought experiment led to the revolutionary proposals in the physics of Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the century 20.

1.Experiment riding on a beam of light

According to Business Insider, this is Einstein’s thought experiments in 1895, when he was 16 years old. What will happen if you chase and catch a beam of light?

According to Einstein, you will see the light freezes in space. But light can not be frozen, so Einstein realized that the light will never slow down and always move away with the speed of light. Therefore, something else must surely change. Finally he realized that it was time. This conclusion has laid the foundation for his theory of relativity proposed by 1905.


2.The experiments of the train hit by lightning

Imagine you are sitting on a moving ship and a friend stood outside the ship when it ran past observations. If lightning strikes to both ends of the train, who stood outside will see these two events occur at the same time.

And people on board due to increasingly close to the front bolt should ship in the first see lightning before. This experiment showed that the time for the motion difference compared with people standing still, strengthened the confidence of Einstein that time and space are relative, the same time can not exist. It is also a cornerstone of Einstein’s special relativity.


3.Twin paradox experiment

This is a popular variation from experiments on Einstein’s light meter. Suppose you have a twin brother, born exactly the same time as you. That person immediately after birth was brought up a spacecraft moving at speeds close to the speed of light.

According to relativity theory, then there will be two people of different ages. Due to the slower time passes when the higher speed, the spacecraft above will age more slowly people on Earth. When the ship returned to Earth, you may have retired, and the other new puberty.


4.The experiments of the box

Imagine you are suspended in a box, can not see outside. Suddenly, you fall to the floor. What happen? The box was pulled down by gravity or it is accelerated by pulling up the cable?

These two effects together lead to a result that led Einstein to conclude that gravitational and acceleration are the same. Together with the earlier assertion that time and space are not absolute, Einstein said that if the movement can affect space and time, there must also be attractive similar effect.

The ability to bend space-time of the appeal is a huge part of general relativity. If you are suspended in a box and crashed to the floor, you would not know it by gravity or by the box being pulled up

5.Coin toss experiment

Einstein always opposed quantum theory and always thought experiments to refute this theory. However, this is only the experiments scientists challenge this theory pioneer perfected it to the smallest detail.

One of those experiments are experiments on quantum entanglement, which Einstein called “spooky remote effect”.

Imagine having a coin can easily split. You roll it up, do not look, give half to the other and keep the other half. The other half of the coin will carry it throughout the universe.

Then, just look at his face half-penny, you will know immediately the other side of the coin, whatever they might be in your way billions of light years and did not have a physical connection yet together.
If we consider the face of the coin is infinite, can change the number or status of the picture for the time being to see, that is the change of the coin can be faster than the speed of light a lot, immediately affect each other (this side of the other side is shaped and vice versa), no matter how far apart.

This is in contrast to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of light is considered greatest. However, today the paradox of quantum entanglement has been proved correct and the application of modern technologies such as quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation.


Source: Businessinsider