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6 Foods that help you Reduce the effects of Stress

Stress, mental fatigue appears by many reasons such as work overload, family, emotional or events in life … makes the body fatigue, mental decline, lack of vitality. According to assistant professor of nutrition at New York University’s Steinhardt, Lisa R. Young said there are foods such as salmon, vegetables, yogurt, blueberries Vietnam the food is not only good for health but also mental work helps you reduce stress, ease anxiety and calm down.

1. Salmon Fish

Research shows that nutrients in fish oil and certain nuts can help you feel calmer. Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation in the brain and could potentially reduce the anxiety.

2. Fruit blueberries

Fruits and blueberries contain anthocyanins antioxidants help produce dopamine helps control mood. Dopamine plays an important role in health and love life because it is a chemical in the brain is responsible for our sense of joy.

3. Yogurt

Research shows that the fermented foods such as yogurt, fermented fruit, … very beneficial for health, especially intestinal and works very good for morale. However, if possible, avoid eating pickles by high salt content causes high blood pressure and may increase tensions rather than reduce it.

4. Chrysanthemum tea

A 2009 study performed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania showed that chamomile extract has been proven to significantly reduce anxiety. One small study also showed that the herb may help people with sleep disorders get better rest.

5. Spinach or other greens

Scientists have studied in people with depression and anxiety much vitamin B12 and vitamin B9 is very low. Meanwhile, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, shrinkage, improve, … the very rich of vitamins. That is why vegetables are the smart choice in times of high stress.

6. The combination of protein, fiber and good fats

Regularly eat vegetables and salads made from butter fat and protein such as chicken because it’s low in calories and help stabilize blood sugar balance from which the best mood and moreover good for health. And finally, the environment also plays a big role. Young suggested dropping or desk drawer fridge with some foods that are easy to get stress relief during periods of anxiety. That’s one less obstacle in the moment.

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