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7 Shocking Celebrities Who Are Bad In Bed

Maria Sharapova

Tennis player Maria Sharapova is apparently a lackluster partner in bed. Adam Levine one time slept with her. And according to him, it was a disturbing experience. She apparently lay in bed like a “dead fish” and would yell at him and other partners for making sounds during love making sessions.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has apparently picked up a lot of hookups over the years. While not everyone’s complaining, Iggy apparently is pretty bad in bed. Rumors circulate that she doesn’t like to sleep with anyone sober. She also has a tendency to leave before her partners have woken up, leaving them with signed merchandise.

Justin Bieber

Egotistical as he may be, Justin Bieber’s apparently terrible in bed. According to past hookups, he demands that anyone he hangs out with must sign a non-disclosure agreement. He’s also apparently awkward in bed and has been described as a ‘selfish lover’. Past partners claim that he pushes them out of the bedroom as soon as he’s gotten off.

Colin Farrell

While Colin Farrell looks like he’s experienced, past lovers claim he’s anything but. One former girlfriend claims she had to fake enjoyment in order to make him feel better. He also didn’t last long and apparently was awkward in the bedroom. The fact that he’s a bachelor should make a lot more sense now.

Hugh Hefner

The Hef himself may be surrounded by beautiful women at Playboy Mansion. But according to ex Crystal Harris, he was a terrible partner. He allegedly refused to take his clothes off in the bedroom and while this may not be surprising considering his age, he doesn’t last long. Other former partners have supported her story.

Paris Hilton

While she may have once made a s*x tape, she’s apparently bad in bed. According to ex Nick Carter, she hated sleeping together. In order to get any enjoyment out of it she would often take drugs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’d often pass out right in the middle of a romp as a result.

Brody Jenner

Brody had a one-time fling with “The Hills” costar Kristin Cavallari, who claimed he was horrible in bed. According to her, he was very ‘vanilla’ and wasn’t willing to try anything new. While Brody Jenner denied his claims, none of his other hookups and girlfriends have disagreed with that point.


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