8 Foods You Should Never Eat at Night if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Many people still say “eat their breakfast, lunch for you, dinner to the enemy”, but not everyone understood the meaning of this statement. According to research by experts many illnesses originate from poor eating habits, especially dinner. 8 following foods to eat sparingly, or not to eat dinner, if you want to have a good health.


Celery is one of the vegetables is not recommended to eat before bedtime because Celery acts as a diuretic. If you eat a lot of celery in the evening, you’ll have to get up to the risk of going to the toilet a lot better at night, while sleeping. This affects your quality of sleep and quality of sleep makes you tired the next morning.

Pizza, fried chicken

A Pizza and fried chicken combo is ideal and attractive that many people could not refuse. However, for a person who wants to lose weight, this is not very logical choice.

By great food and a lot of fat, carbohydrates makes the digestive system to work more severely. And if you go to sleep right after that, the risk of obesity is inevitable.


Should fat can make you gain weight faster if you eat them at dinner, especially before you go to bed preparation.

Foods high in fat.

Burgers, fries … usually high in fat so the body takes longer to digest, can cause bloating, stomach affect. Also, eat plenty of these foods in the evening makes you tired, lack of energy the next morning.

Citrus fruits

This product is also highly acidic. A glass of orange juice is good for health, but those who have stomach problems or esophagus should not eat at night.

Red meat

With dinner, especially at late night time, you should avoid red meat. This is the kind of food that the body takes a long time to digest protein and fat in it.

If red meat eating late at night, we will stimulate the body to produce more endorphins make you sleep more difficult. Discomfort will control your body tired after waking up every morning. Therefore, you should keep in mind when choosing foods for dinner.


According to several studies, chocolate is not only a high sugar and fat content more than any other night snacks which also contains caffeine. In addition, it also stimulants such as theobromine, is known for its ability to make your heart beat faster than normal.


If you are thinking, alcohol makes you sleep more restful sleep, you’re wrong. By alcohol often makes users fall into drowsiness and sleep to help you create a refreshing and energetic the next day. Alcohol can cause dehydration and affect the recovery function of sleep.

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