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Is it Better to be Single? Studies say YES and Give 3 Excellent Reasons

If you are single and you think you need to find someone to be a happy person and feel complete, you should know that there are some studies that claim that not having a partner can bring you great benefits.

At a TedX conference, Bella DePaulo, a researcher at the University of California, presented studies that show that there are excellent reasons to stay single and there is no reason to fear loneliness. The advantages of being single

1. They are surrounded by people

According to the researcher, there is evidence that single people manage to maintain more contact with friends than those who get married. Accompanied by relatives, friends, and neighbors, the bachelor does not become a lonely individual as many belief.

2. They develop more personal growth

Singles are more likely to feel fullness in various aspects of their lives: they are able to better control their routines, desires, and goals. Autonomy, independence, and self-sufficiency can, according to studies, remove negative feelings and frustrations, as well as promote personal growth.

3. They are not less healthy

Unlike other scientific works, the researcher found that single people do not have worse health than married women. The specialist cited a Swiss study that found no significant improvements in health in married individuals.

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