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Aliens could look more like FISH than Humans

Aliens could look more like FISH than humans because the majority of planets in the universe are water worlds

Astronomer predicts that most habitable planets are likely to be covered in seas and oceans – and inhabited by fishy water dwellers

ASTRONOMERS have claimed there’s something very fishy going on way out in deep space.

Stargazers believe the majority of the habitable worlds in the universe are likely to be almost entirely covered in water – meaning the creatures that live on them are more likely to look like fish than humans.
Dr. Fergus Simpson from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences at the University of Barcelona used a complex form of maths called Bayesian probability to predict that surface of most planets is likely to more than 90% covered in water.

This would be suggested many of the alien lifeforms in our universe are likely to be fish-like or resemble the other ocean dwellers found on Earth. Sadly, these aquatic aliens are also unlikely to be very advanced.

“If we are talking only about intelligent life that build spaceships and so on, then I still think they will be human like,” Dr Simpson told The Sun Online.

“The main reason I’m sceptical about there being lots of intelligent underwater alien species is that I think it’s harder for aquatic creatures like dolphins to use tools or build a fire.”

Of course, Earth is pretty watery itself, with just 29% of the surface covered inland.

Dr. Simpson suggested this unusual balance between land and water may be linked to the evolution of life on our planet.

“Our understanding of the development of survival is far from perfect, but it is not true that all living planets have an equal chance of having intelligent people.”

Last year, Dr. Simpson predicted that humanity is at risk 500 times more likely to lead to extinction next year. Guru statistics estimate that the probability of apocalypse in any year of this century is 0.2%.