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How to Set Goals to Have Happiness & Success in Your Life

Finding out what our goals are in life is not always so simple. On the contrary, in general, it is a challenging task that takes time for reflection and some energy.

But the fact is that ordering certain priorities and knowing our goals helps us to focus on what we want to achieve and provides us with a broader vision of ourselves and the world around us.

In addition, setting goals gives us such a strong motivation that acts as the engine in those difficult times that we all face from time to time.

That’s why today we decided to tell you some tips that will help you set goals that really have to do with you and who you want to be. They will serve as a compass when it comes to achieving success and happiness.

Science Poses Two Types of Goals

1. Intrinsic Goals

According to psychologist Tim Kasser and his team, the intrinsic goals are those that satisfy psychological needs, such as autonomy and personal growth. These types of goals are not completed with the approval or judgment of others, but with the will and skills of each person.

Examples include creating links at a social level, passing exams, completing a career or achieving good physical fitness or self-esteem.

2. Extrinsic Goals

These kinds of goals do, to a large extent, depend on what we get from the outside. The recognition and praise that can lead us are clear examples of these goals.

That is to say, we concertize different actions by the fact of receiving that external recognition that satisfies certain internal needs with the idea that this makes us happier.

Researchers who have studied these goals say that intrinsic goals are what really bring us happiness. It is the experiences that we live in search of intrinsic goals that make us wiser and give us greater satisfaction.

So what is the success?

While there are innumerable definitions, we believe that it is possible to think of success as the ultimate expression of our dreams. And that does not have to be tied to material wealth

In any case, It is the fulfillment of our aspirations, put into practice based on actions guided by our values.

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