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Best Apps Designed to Assist For Blind And Visually Impaired

There was a time when people thought 100 km was a long distance away. Then came the train, and the time for journey trickled down to a few hours. The airplane changed it all – the movement Fair Planeountry to another – even thousands of miles. Technology has made the world one large human race. It has even diminished the hardships faced by the differently abled people.

When the braille was introduced, it was considered as a breakthrough for all the blind persons to have knowledge. Now with the popularity of mobiles, android app developers have designed new helping programs for the blind persons. This article gives information on few of the entertaining apps that can make their world look easier.

LookTel Money Reader

If you are blind, you can recognize a coin by its size. But what about paper money? This application known as LookTel Money Reader provides able assistance. You can use the iPhone camera. The application will announce the denomination.

Let us imagine, you came to Pune for a vacation, being a US resident. You took a small apartment for rent. On the weekends, you wanted the best laundry service in Pune. All you had to do is download the apps of the company providing doorstep services. Schedule the booking. The clothes will be picked at your doorstep, processed and returned to you as a gift.

You paid the money online. Now you want to check the amount of US dollars in your wallet. Use the LookTel Money Reader to determine the correct amount of money. Click Here to Get this app

Color ID Free

One factor that the Blind person does not have access is color. Can they see the dark clouds in the sky and think about the rain? What is the dress they have to wear for the party? Will they check the orange and make out if it is ripe?
With this app, the visually impaired persons can get an answer. They have to just use the iPhone camera, the point at the item and get the answer. Click Here to get this app

Light Detector

You have a friend who is visually impaired and stays in your room. There are frequent electrical cuts in the area. The entire area gets dark even in the morning. Your friend faces difficulty finding the door and windows. If the app is installed, it will emit a sound which grows louder near the light source. Your friend can easily locate windows and other exits. Click here to get this app

VM Alert – Video Motion Detector

Do you have a friend who loves walking in the dark in the empty streets? She does not care a damn about burglars and thieves, even though visually impaired. In similar situations, install this app. It will give a faint alarm when motion is detected. You can program the app to even snap a photo. Click here to get this app

Dragon Dictation

If you do not have an iPhone 4S with its number one feature, Siri, you can have Dragon Dictation. You can speak and add punctuation. This Dragon Dictation can type and copy to your clipboard. Click here to get this app

For Students With Visual Impairments

At present, there are so many free apps, that it is difficult to find the perfect app for the student. There are also apps, that cost quite a few thousand rupees. If you are gifting an app to a visually impaired student, it is better to consult with a specialist.

  • AccessNote Free app. Specially designed for VoiceOver users. If you want your friend to go through a rich experience while taking notes, then this is the app.
  • Evernote Free app. Best acts as a reminder. You can use it to take notes, create to-do lists, capture photos and also record important points.
  • iTalk Recorder Free app. It has a good user interface. You can press a button to record. Then press the same button to stop.


You can find visually impaired/blind people from all sectors of life. They do not want sympathy but are interested in leading a life full of confidence and self-respect. They have to face numerous challenges in leading their day-to-day life.

If you have a visually impaired friend or relative, ensure you install the apps that can assist in their daily life.

Have we missed any of the apps? Feel free to drop a suggestion in the Comments Box section.