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The history of Mark Beaumont is quite peculiar, not many people can say that they have the fastest lap record in the world by bicycle. There is no doubt that it is a record that you can be proud of.

To get the record, Beaumont went through many situations that even put his effort and his health at risk, from problems with the bicycle to extreme climates or accidents of falls to the ground. But, anyway, Mark returned to the Arc de Triomphe in France the 18 of September, 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes after starting his impressive journey.

Around the World in 80 days by Mark Beaumont’s

When more than 100 years ago Julio Verne wrote Around the World in 80 days nor the most optimistic of the mortals thought that, in 2017, a man was going to achieve that hazzan only with a bicycle. But the human being is amazing, constantly breaking unsuspected limits.

To make matters worse, it is not the first time that Mark gets this record: in 2008 he broke the same record by turning in 194 days. But later, another rider lowered that record to 123. Mark proposed, nearly 10 years after he had set his first record in the book, to reclaim the throne that had been stolen. Of course, he got it.

The Beaumont Road was not an easy road. To be able to break the new record he had to be on his bicycle for up to 16 hours a day pedaling. According to the BBC, Mark only slept 5 hours each night. Beaumont had to travel nearly 400 kilometers each day to achieve the goal.

Mark visited countries like Australia and New Zealand during his trip. It was also in North America and neighboring France as Portugal and Spain. The authorities of Guinness World Records also awarded him the award for having been the most distant cyclist in a month, after making more than 11,315 kilometers on the road from Paris to Australia.

Artemis World Cycle map © Artemis World Cycle

© Artemis World Cycle

Of course, Beaumont had to travel by plane to be able to cross the oceans, since, to date, there is no way to ride them on a bicycle. But all cyclists who intend to break the record must do the same, so the rules will be the same for everyone.

For Beaumont, each stage meant a different challenge, in his own words. Russia and Mongolia were unknown to him, where the weather was also important. Mark even had a fall in Russia that required emergency treatment on his teeth.

While in North America the news was forest fires, in the southern hemisphere of the planet the cyclist had to face temperatures below zero. The contrast between the areas must have been impressive, though perhaps a bit problematic. However, “the experience has been staggering,” says Mark. As amazing as the new record just set.

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