Drinking More than 4 Beers in 2 Hours can cause Dangerous to Brain

Young people who compulsively drink alcohol can permanently alter their ability to process information in the brain, according to a recent study by the Minho University in Portugal.

Alcoholic beverage may change young people’s brains

According to the research, published by the scientific publication Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience , drinking more than 4 beers within 2 hours already causes changes in brain activity, leading to confused thoughts, similar to those experienced by alcoholics.

To conclude, the researchers evaluated the resting brain of 80 youths, separated into two groups: those who regularly consumed alcohol and those who did not exaggerate at doses. The division was made based on questionnaires about consumption habits.

The research found that compulsive drinkers had changes in resting brain activity, as well as significantly greater measures of specific electrical differences in the right temporal lobe and bilateral occipital cortex regions.

The changes, very similar to the observed alcoholics, can indicate a decrease in the capacity of response to external stimuli, besides difficulty in processing information. The signs would be, according to the scientists, the first among the several of the brain damages caused by the effect of the alcohol effect.

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