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Spending More Time with your Best Friend Benefits Your Health

Spending time surrounded by friends is a guarantee of laughter, fun, and well-being. These sensations are experienced clearly and obviously, but did you know that in addition to moments of joy, the time you spend with your best friend improves your health? This is a discovery of a recent study conducted by the Northwestern University of the United States.

Contact with Friends Improves Brain Health

The researchers analyzed a group of 50 people and discovered that many of them attribute their good health to a full social life. Among all the volunteers, 31 of them were over 80 years old and had impressive episodic memory and cognitive perception.

The study participants had to complete a questionnaire with 42 questions that included questions about their psychological well-being. In the end, the researchers discovered that those who maintained satisfactory relations of friendship were happier and more confident.

Despite being interesting, the results did not come as a surprise to the team that did the scientific work (or to us!), As the data reinforced previous analyzes that indicated that the positive relationships of friendships are linked to a reduced risk of decline cognitive and even dementia.

So you can already make plans with her for tonight, everything for her health!

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