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Which is the Best Time to Book your Cruise?

People who are preparing to book a stay at sea will appreciate the findings of a recent report from industry experts who advise making a reservation on a Thursday rather than another day of the week to get a better rate.
After analyzing more than 600,000 price reductions over the past twelve months, CruiseWatch.com analysts found that consumers could save up to 17% of the price of their cruise if they booked on Thursday, a reduction of two Times higher than the calmest day of the week, namely Sunday.

On the other hand, they advise to avoid connecting on Wednesday, a 34% increase in price increases occurring today compared to the rest of the week, notes CruiseWatch.com.

It also appears that the weekend days are the quietest, with fewer increases or decreases in prices on Saturday and Sunday.

” When cruising is not complete, most cruise passengers will offer price reductions on cabins rather than traveling empty, ” said Britta Bernhard, co-founder of the site. ” These reductions can lead to great deals, but they have to be found and booked quickly, ” she said.

As for the plane, it is always more advantageous to book well in advance rather than at the last minute. As the analysts of Cruisecritic.com point out, reserving as soon as possible, we have a greater choice of rooms and offers. In addition, in order to quickly fill their vessels, cruise shippers tend to offer more reductions upstream than at the last minute. The experts advise to book at least 18 months in advance and not less than six months before departure, to get the best prices.

On the other hand, Expedia last week questioned the idea that the best day to book a flight was on Tuesday, as part of a report prepared by the Airlines Corporation (ARC).

After reviewing thousands of data over the past two years, the report for 2016 concluded that the best flight offers were offered on weekends.

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