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5 Best TV Shows on Netflix to Watch with your Partner

If you have Netflix you sure look at this shows right? Of course! The issue is when your partner does not agree and everyone wants to look at something different.

That’s why and because I want to be a matchmaker, I’ll tell you which Shows are ideal for you to look at with your partner, and no more arguments!

1. Outlander

If you like vintage series you can not miss this one. The story revolves around Claire Beauchamp, who works as a nurse on the front lines during World War II and is married to Frank Randall.

At one point he found that he had traveled until 1743, where he meets Jamie Fraser, a Scottish warrior who wishes to marry her. From that moment, begins the amorous swing of Claire, who is seen between two men who curiously live in very different times.

2. Downtown Abbey

Undoubtedly it is a series that will catch them. It is set in the early 1900 and continues until 1920. Everything happens in a large mansion where the Crawley coexist with the servants. The servants know many things about the owners of the house, but the reverse does not happen.

You will find drama, love and romance, all in one! Along with impeccable performances by British actors of the stature of Maggie Smith, sure to know as Professor Minerva McGonagall of the entire Harry Potter saga. [ You Might be Interested to Read this: There are only 4 Types of Users on Facebook ]

3. How I Met Your Mother

If you want to laugh for a while, do not hesitate to watch this romantic comedy. The plot tells the story of Ted Mosby, an architect who in 2030 decides to tell his children how he met his mother and goes back to 2005.

After several extremely comedic entanglements, due to the marriage of one of his friends begins to look almost frantic and desperate to the love of his life, having insisted on being a hardened bachelor for years.

4. You are the Worst

In this series, Jimmy and Gretchen meet in a somewhat peculiar way when they throw him out of a wedding because of problems with an ex. She also left the party alone, with something extra: a gift for the boyfriends he stole. History shows us a self-destructive romantic relationship, which is not what we are accustomed to actually.

5. Pushing Daisies

This is the story of a baker who has a strange power: he can revive a dead person by just touching it and kill it again by touching it again. But there is one small problem: if you revive someone for more than a minute, someone close to him will die. This makes the police use their services to solve crimes. Everything was going well until one of the corpses that has to revive is that of an old love. [ You Might be Interested to Read this: 8 Weird Things from Women Which Excite Men ]

Enjoy these romantic series as a couple. It’s a good plan for a rainy winter night!