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Bugatti’s Lightest Bicycle in the World, which Costs $ 40,000

Bugatti, a French car maker known for its multi-million dollar supercar, has unveiled a luxury bicycle designed by the company.

Bugatti Bicycle with 95% carbon fiber material.

Bugatti Bicycle with 95% carbon fiber material.

When a bicycle was designed by Bugatti Chiron, it was no surprise that it was as dramatic as a work of art and costly.
PG – the German luxury bicycle manufacturer – has partnered with the French supercar maker to create the PG Bugatti Bike. And like their 1500hp cars, the PG Bugatti Bike uses high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques that are only used for the world’s leading automotive and aviation wonders .

Bugatti's Lightest Bicycle in the World

Bugatti’s Lightest Bicycle in the World

“We have the vision to produce the most perfect bike in terms of design and performance, “ said Bugatti spokesman Manuel Ostner .

As a result, we have a PG Bugatti Bike with 95% carbon fiber material, weighing less than 4.9kg but still has excellent toughness. In addition to the main frame, parts such as plates, lizards, and slugs are also made from lightweight materials. The company claims that PG Bugatti Bike is one of the lightest ” urban bikes “ in the world. This bike is not for the public transport areas with poor quality roads. Imagine your feeling when your expensive bike suddenly falls into the “elephant, hen” and rolls out.

PG Bugatti Bike is only sold with 667 units for $ 39,000 (about 900 million). It is suitable for collectors who prefer a vehicle that combines cutting-edge technology with subtle beauty.

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