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Burglary History made on the Name Mona Lisa

There have been many reviews for that, thanks to this famous burglaries that Mona Lisa is internationally known.
Dated 21.08.1911, the Mona Lisa’s famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci was stolen from the Louvre in Paris, France by thieves Vincenzo Perugia, a former employee of the museum.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa

The theft has shocked the world. It was not until two years later, the newly found painting. The mystery behind the theft history so far remained a topic is mentioned every time the introduction of the Mona Lisa.
Perugia has art theft in any way?

Initially, the police suggests thieves broke into the museum from the night before, immediately after closing.

Vincenzo Perugia, who has stolen the famous painting Mona Lisa.
Vincenzo Perugia, who has stolen the famous painting Mona Lisa.

However, Perugia, after being arrested, has testified that he broke into the Louvre is simple by wearing a white coat, posing as museum staff.

Earlier, Perugia worked here so he can jacket is understandable. Then, Perugia, just go to the museum from the door staff without being checked. Too simple.

After the museum, Perugia very comfortable everywhere in the form of employees.

As to the storage room Mona Lisa, he pretended to work at it, waiting for the other person, he rushed out again to take the picture off the hook, toward the nearest staircase, remove the frame, scrolls and paintings on jacket go out.
There were no more modern protective equipment like now.

However, investigating authorities have questioned this statement. Too little time to Perugi can just take pictures, just remove the frame and then wrapped in coats and painting outside. We might have had second suspect involved in the theft history.

Location Mona Lisa hanging after the theft.
Location Mona Lisa hanging after the theft.

However, all this is just the next set. Time in 1911, no one discovered the whereabouts of Perugia forever then 2 years.
The thief has laid nets like?

In 1913, returned to Italy Perugia. After stealing the painting, he hid in a trunk and then, when things settle down, he continues to bring you pictures of Italy to avoid the eyes and ears French police.

To Florence, he contacted a well-known art collectors as Alfredo Geri.

Geri Perugia explained that because he wanted to steal the Mona Lisa painting back to the true homeland. This action is totally love the water.

Upon seeing the Mona Lisa, Geri confirm that this is genuine. In shock, Geri has convinced the studio Perugia to his paintings.
No doubt, Perugia as requested. Geri police. Perugia was arrested shortly afterwards.

However, due to insufficient incriminating evidence so after 7 months detention, Perugia was spared. After the First World War, Perugia to France, married, had a daughter.

May 10/1923, Perugia died. After renaming, few people know that Perugia each involved a burglary of world history.
True motives of thieves is what?

It is said that the famous Perugia want to have to steal the painting. He thought, put the Mona Lisa in Italy will make him become a national hero.

The opposite outcome, he was detained in 1913 while unrealized his delusions.

It also assumes that Perugia actually also want to steal the painting for the money. Obviously, besides patriotism, Perugia still want to sell the painting for a huge amount and Geri was his first client solicitation.

In late 1911, the Perugia wrote a letter to his father and said he will be rich soon.
Promote the reputation burglary Mona Lisa

After being returned to the Louvre, the Mona Lisa as popular as ever, maybe even considered the most famous paintings in the world at that time.

When stolen, Mona Lisa picture pervades the pages worldwide.

People who every day are seen mysterious smile on the picture. They ask questions, they studied that smile. We can say, Perugia is the main reason that famous painting quickly.

Real engine of Perugia, hitherto unknown. But one thing is sure, times have changed, now Mona Lisa being protected inside the bulletproof glass, equipped with strict measures to protect the most.


Source: Historicmysteries

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