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Clip Air : Detachable Pod Aircraft

Imagine a future where the airport when it doubles as the train station, the plane carrying giant 3 cabin underbelly landed at the airport, cabin separated and was “handed over” to a Nearby train, continue their journey on the city center. Instead of having to scroll down the plane, and then catch a taxi to go to the hotel or subway.

Now, the new system will allow passengers to sit always on the airplane cabin and wait to arrive.

This idea is called Clip-Air, is the goal of the consortium led by researchers at the Swiss managed to get at. In essence, Clip-Air is a model aircraft dunco 4 parts. It owns 3 drilling cabin or container can carry passengers, cargo or fuel. 3 cabins bear carrying this task is a huge plane that looks like a stealth bomber.The cabin can be detached from the aircraft to continue the journey by road or rail, depending on the pre-defined requirements. Aircraft wingspan nearly 61 meters long, with a long body with half that number. Each chamber can carry up to 30 tons of cargo or 450 passengers, equivalent to the carrying capacity of an Airbus A320. Group behind the idea Clip-Air is led by the Institute of Technology in Lausanne Swiss Confederation. The researchers admit this is not a concept that will soon go into practice, they claim that it takes 40-50 years to Clip-Air can become a reality.

On its website, the scientists said clip-Air just one “exploration project to open up new ideas, both in the commercial aviation concepts for the use of existing technology, which can reshape thinking about the means of transportation in the future. ” The immediate objective of the consortium is to develop a prototype similar sized private aircraft, in the next 10 years. And in 10-15 years, they also launched a prototype the size can carry 150 passengers. 3 cabin version needs at least 50 more years to be completed.

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