Devil’s Sea – A Unexplained Mystery Dragon Triangle

The Dragon Triangle lies symmetrically with the Bermuda triangle on the Earth’s coordinates, which caused the most deadly shipwreck and disappearances in Japan.

Dragon’s Triangle or The Devil’s Sea is located 100km off the south coast of Tokyo, Japan. It is always ranked among the top electromagnetic waves, according to Marineinsight.

The area is a triangle created between Japan, the Bonin Islands and a large part of the Philippine Sea. It is also known by many as Bermuda of the Pacific .

The name of the Dragon Triangle originated from the myth of 1,000 years ago. The Chinese believe that there is a giant dragon under the sea. She swallows every passing ship when she gets hungry.

In this sea many unexplained phenomena have occurred: the mysterious disappearance of boats, aircraft . Many people also see ghosts wandering in this area.

Boats that come in are often paralyzed by paralysis, broken radio communications, and out of touch. In addition, they also encounter large waves, dark sea, cyclone and dense fog.

In the 1200s, Kublai Khan (Kublai Khan) has repeatedly tried to pass through the sea Devils and the result is that many boats in his army went missing mysteriously, leads to the “evaporation” of more 40,000 soldiers. In the early 1800’s, many seafarers said they saw a mysterious woman walking on board a ship.

Many scientists claim that the Dragon Triangle is even more dangerous and scary than Bermuda.

Many scientists claim that the Dragon Triangle is even more dangerous and scary than Bermuda. (Photo: Road).

In 1952, the Japanese government sent a research vessel, Kaio Maru No. 5, to investigate the mysteries of the sea. However, the ship and its crew of 31 did not return after that voyage. This led to the Japanese government’s forced declaration of the unsafe Dragon Triangle for ocean sailing and shipping in the 1950s.

In the book published in 1989, The Dragon’s Triangle , Charles Berlitz pointed out that between 1952 and 1954, Japan lost five warships and 700 people in the sea.

According to the Department of Maritime Security of Japan’s Maritime Security Division, 161 ships were missing from 1963 to 1972. The Devil’s Sea has long been a scare, haunting seafarer in Japan and in the world.

However, in 1995, Larry Kussche published another book and pointed out that the ships that Berlitz posed were actually fishing boats, and some missing outside the Dragon Triangle area. The research vessel dispatched by Japan disappeared due to the impact of volcanic eruptions in the sea.

Larry also pointed out that the Dragon Triangle was a volcanic site. Due to the volcanic eruptions and geological changes in which many of the islands in this area have suddenly disappeared, many new islands have appeared.

The mystery of this place also attracted many researchers. They point out that the change of the natural environment is also one of the causes of mysterious disappearances. The Dragon Triangle is also not drawn officially on any global map of size or circumference accuracy. Although many scientists have explained the phenomena here, many still believe that the Dragon Triangle exists some supernatural power, such as UFOs, USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects country )

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