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Diamond : A Good Data Storage device

This is a data storage technology based on defects in diamond crystals, according to the New York Times. Some nitrogen atoms can come between carbon crystal lattice structure of the diamond. Destroying a carbon atom at the edge of nitrogen will create a void that can store data.

From this idea, a group of physicists from the University of New York, the United States has used a laser to encode and read data in this small space. We have properties similar to a magnet – pulling or pushing electrons when irradiated laser.

When you need to record data, they use blue lasers to add electrons into the gaps and red lasers to remove electrons out, the equivalent of two binary values 0 and 1. The process of reading the data is similar to the computer to read binary numbers, but here is the light indicates the presence or absence of electrons.

“Other than the DVD can only write data onto a 2D plane, using the diamond techniques can store data on a variety of surfaces, like a stack of DVDs,” Jacob Henshaw, a member of the the team said.

Currently a diamond grain size can store the equivalent of hundreds information DVD. In the future, physicians can increase this amount to the equivalent of millions of DVDs or more.

In addition, the data stored in this manner can exist forever. With a magnetic hard drive today, per visit and write new data, its durability will be reduced and completely broken after 5-10 years.

The defects in the diamond lattice does not change over time, meaning that the data stored on them are preserved forever.

“You have no way to change it. Data will be there forever, “Siddharth Dhomkar, lead author of the study said.

But the veteran in the field of data storage, such as Jon Toigo, CEO of Toigo Partners International companies have expressed doubts the feasibility of this technology. He said that only those who work in the new laboratory familiar with storage technologies for new and diamonds are always very high price, even with diamond imperfections.

“Maybe it takes 10 years for the technology to be widely used,” he said.

According to the researchers, artificial diamonds $ 150 is the cheapest thing in their experiments.

“The larger diamond will have as many crystal defects to store information,” Henshaw said.

In addition the team also said the idea of storing data also can be used on any material defects similar crystal diamond. The study was published today in the journal Science Advances 26/10.

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