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Discover the second state of liquid water

These findings could change the whole perception of the people about the potential of the country

This is one of the most basic compounds on Earth, it accounts for about 60% of the human body and water are becoming ever more exotic, beyond the imagination of man.Researchers have been investigating the physical properties of water, they found that it is boil at temperatures between 40-60 degrees Celsius, the water will reach the “temperature switch” and start switching between two different states of liquid.
Is a chemical compound, the water is very important for life on Earth, but we have underestimated their magic.

We all are familiar with this, it’s hard to imagine a more complex state essentially three states: solid, liquid and gas. But whatever you do, obviously, water quality unlike anything else on this planet.

Countries with the largest surface tension of the liquid. It is also the only known substance which, when in solid form can float in the liquid, and unlike most other substances, water expands as it freezes.


“Nobody really understood about the country,” says Philip Ball in the journal Nature. “It’s embarrassing to admit it, but things covered two-thirds of our planet is still a mystery. Even more we observe, the more we have a lot of questions, “

Currently, the physicists have demonstrated that, somewhere between temperatures between 40-60 degrees Celsius, liquid water can “convert” status, for our new properties that depend on the state it became.
To clarify this issue, an international research team led by Laura Maestro physicist from Oxford University have looked at a number of its characteristics.

They focus on properties such as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, refraction, surface tension and dielectric constant – the ability of an electric conduction through a substance – and how they respond to changes thermal action from 0-100 degrees C.

When the water reached 40 degrees Celsius, things began to change, the changing nature also when it reaches 60 degrees C. Each character has “transition temperature” different, it’s somewhere in that level. And the researchers said that these things happen because the country has moved to another state.
The team listed a few transition temperature: about 64 ° C for thermal conductivity, 50 degrees C for the refractive index, about 53 degrees C for the electrical capacity and 57 degrees C for tension surface.

“These results confirm that in the range of 0-100 ° C, liquid water shows that there are many transition temperature corresponds to the nature of it, especially in 50 degrees Celsius,” they concluded .

So what’s going on here? It really is unclear, but there is a fact that liquid water can switch between two completely different states at certain temperatures.

The water molecules interact with each other through hydrogen bonding and thus have large molecular attractive forces. This is not a sustainable link. The binding of water molecules through hydrogen bonding exists only in a fraction of a second, and then the water molecules separate from this link and links to other water molecules.

Physicists believe that this is what brings the exotic nature of the country, but no one quite sure how they work.

“Everyone agrees that the molecular structure of water makes it different from most of the remaining liquid: the hydrogen bonds lightning,” Ball wrote in the journal Nature.

While Maestro and the results of their research will need to be reviewed by an independent group before we can start rewriting the textbooks about the potential of the country. They said that this discovery could greatly impact our understanding of both biological and nano systems.

The research has been published in the International Journal of Nanotechnology.

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