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Do you Know Why you Sleepy After lunch?

You go back to work after lunch, you wonder: Why would I sleep like this? Whether you use any words to describe this state, such as fatigue, drowsiness, why is this happening? Actually, the cause is related to circadian rhythms. Feeling a bit sleepy after lunch as usual. Some people misunderstand is because regarding the consumption of food. In fact, some people believe that there is a significant shift from the brain blood flow to the stomach or digestive tract to aid digestion. Although it sounds logical but this is not really convincing. If this is the problem, why we do not feel sleepy after breakfast or dinner? The truth about sleepiness are often not related to meals and other reasons. Some others said that there are ingredients in food cause drowsiness.

Do you Know Why you Sleepy After lunch?
Do you Know Why you Sleepy After lunch?

For example, there are a very small hormone called melatonin. Although melatonin has an important role in sleep time, a small amount of food usually does not have any significant effect. There are some foods that make you feel a little sleepy, especially turkeys and food containing tryptophan. In addition, alcohol can cause drowsiness. In most cases, it is not cause drowsiness after eating.

In fact, the foods you eat less meaningful. Instead, time naturally increases the propensity to sleep. There are two phenomena contributing to this is: homeostatic trend of sleep and biological cycles. Feeling sleepy due to the gradual accumulation of the chemical in the brain called adenosine. Time a more lasting form, adenosine accumulates, leading to an increased desire to go to bed.

It peaked just before bedtime, but it is also higher in the afternoon than the morning. 2nd process contribute directly to the biological rhythm sleepiness. Circadian rhythm is the pattern of the signal actually awake. It rose during the day to help us wake up and resist the rise of adenosine, and decreased in the early afternoon, usually 7-9 hours after waking.

When lowered warning signal, drowsiness appear, and we feel sleepy. Although feeling drowsy after lunch can be explained, it is time we feel too sleepy. If we see insomnia, sleepiness after lunch could be more. Besides me, sleep disorders such as obstructive breathing difficulties may become worse.

To combat the drowsiness that happens, you can use coffee or sleep about 20-30 minutes. Fortunately, if you are reassured, this stage will take over and you’ll awake a few hours later.