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Doctors Mysteriously Dead After discovering Cure for Cancer

The dynamic, high stress lives we are living are taking a toll on all of us. Couple that with the increase in urban air, water and food pollution and it is becoming rather obvious where the global cancer epidemic is coming from.

‘Cancer is incredibly profitable for the medical industry. Companies are making billions off the back of patients using established expensive (inefficient) treatment methods. It is no wonder the amount of opposition new cancer curing discoveries face, given the corporate financial interest’ said a cancer researcher, who opted to stay anonymous.

Doctors Mysteriously Dead After discovering Cure for Cancer
Doctors Mysteriously Dead After discovering Cure for Cancer

New medical discoveries have faced vile opposition for centuries, and the topic of cancer has seen its share of dirty plays, bribes and ‘accidental’ deaths. Yes, there are numerous cases of cancer doctors found dead while on the verge of discovering and introducing a new method, technique or treatment of this global disease.

Always in suspicious circumstances and never fully reported or researched by mainstream media, the names of these brave people go on living only in few small communities of cancer activists.

This was the case of Dr Bradstreet who was found floating in a river off the East Coast of Florida, and is one of six doctors found in the area just this month.

So far, the investigation has revealed that Dr. Bradstreet worked on a natural, body produced molecule called GcMAF. His researched demonstrated high potential of this molecule for attacking cancer cells and curing cancer. In addition, testing showed that this molecule is highly effective against autism and even HIV.
Naturally developed in the human body, the GcMAF molecule could provide the basis for a more affordable, more effective treatment of a series of lethal health conditions. In simple words, the GcMAF molecule effectiveness in stopping cancer is in activating the body’s immune system and directing mobile white cells to tackle the cancerous cells.

Comparing to the standard pricing of chemotherapy treatment which could go as up as 200.000 dollars, Dr. Bradstreet’s therapy would have been around 2,000 dollars. A true cure for the people.

It is very easy to see what the established cancer industry could stand to lose, so the government raided his office, took all of his documents and research and the FDA blacklisted the drug. Soon after that, Dr. Bradstreet was found in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest.

In addition, we should note that such treatments are legal and readily available in advanced countries like Japan, and are done with a high success rate of over 80%.

It is discoveries like this that should make the front news, and it is especially incidents like the murder of Dr. Bradstreet that have to be made known and exposed for the conspiracy that they are. Everyone able to contribute to helping doctors find an actual cure for cancer should do so, every time they can.
It can start with a simple like and share on social media, informing people on forums and sharing news like this with friends. It all starts with you and you can help save millions of lives in the future.

Source: sciencepunch

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