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6 Best Places to See in Dubai with Kids & Family

Dubai might have a reputation for the rich but it’s also a family-friendly city has the best for little ones as well as families. The arid climate in Dubai makes most of the activities to be performed indoors so there’s room plenty of indoor games for the children to enjoy their best.

Billed as the theme-park capital of the world, the city packs a lot of excitement and adventure for both children and grown-ups alike. Combined with amazing sights and activities.

Here’s how to have alot’s of fun in Dubai with children.

1. The Aquaventure Waterpark

From simple paddling pools to high-adrenaline adventures, Aquaventure Waterpark welcomes everyone being a highlight of Dubai for everyone. While some of the rides can be absolutely terrifying, you need to start with the less-freaky stuff and work your way to the high-adventure. River Ride is excellent for the entire family that begins with drifting down the tube and splash in the cool water.

2. The IMG Worlds of Adventure

Go for the world’s biggest indoor theme-park known for its overwhelming variety of attractions spread across the total area near the size of 28 football fields; quite unbelievable yet true! The four zones include Marvel, IMG Boulevard, Lost World (dinosaur-themed area) and Cartoon Network best for little ones. A 12-screen cinema complex is due to open soon with a promise of 7-star luxury services and 3D IMAX.

3. The Green Planet

Dubai is perhaps the only place to have a tropical rainforest ecosystem amidst the desert heat that sores to almost 45-degrees. The Green Planet house above 3,000 species of plants and animals that include hornbills, monkeys, and iguanas cushioned in a glass dome encircling almost 25-meter tall, artificial fig tree. A visit to the bio-dome is ideal for pre-teens and grownups fond of wildlife but, the suspended walkways and rope bridges are quite an adventure for the young souls.

4. The Dubai Mall

With more than 1,200 retail outlets, Dubai Mall stands out as one of the world’s biggest shopping center that’s sure to make your stay in Dubai worthwhile. Being a shopping hub, it’s also a complete entertainment center featuring indoor ice-rink, a giant aquarium, cinema, themed-park, chain of world’s most acclaimed brands, restaurants, cafes and much more. The Dubai Mall is an experience of its own!

5. Motiongate Dubai

The region’s biggest theme park inspired by Hollywood the Motiongate Dubai features The Smurfs Village offers amazing rides for smaller children. Teenagers can delve into the adrenaline-filled rollercoaster ride inspired by The Hunger Games. It also features Flint’s Imagination Lab allowing children to unleash their creativity and inner scientist amidst the science-themed slides and laboratory maze.

6. The Kite Beach

The name Kite Beach is due to kite-surfers who once dominated the place but now moved farther along the coast. The rippling waves and the pleasant surrounding are now open for local families, expats, and travelers. Early morning is the best time to visit this place where you can have most of the place to yourself. Trek the waterfront promenade along the iconic sails of the Burj Al-Arab looming above.


Both kids and grownups can make their stay in Dubai worthy, visiting one or all the places for a punch of entertainment.